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7 Best Websites for Anime Music Download in MP3

7 Best Websites for Anime Music Download in MP3

Anime music is catchy and melodious. Their OST and lyrics are what adds life to the shows. Anime songs undoubtedly hook the users and connect them with the characters.

Millions of anime lovers all over the globe search for free sites to download anime music. So, if you also want to groove with anime music anytime you want, you’ve landed at the right place. Here is a collection of top websites that allows fans to download anime music effortlessly. By doing so, you can save them in your library and listen to them whenever you like.

List of Top Anime MP3 Download Sites

  • YumeOST
  • Khinsider
  • Hikarinoakari
  • Gendou
  • Nipponsei Minglong
  • 8tracks
  • f-n.me

So, let’s view the websites in detail along with the pros and cons of each.

1.      YumeOST

YumeOST is a popular anime site to download anime music online. If you want to get the updates and download the latest anime soundtracks, this is the perfect site to be at. It has music available from both old and new anime series including Naruto and Kimi no Na Wa. Other than the downloading feature, you can get your hands on the song lyrics as well.


  • Let’s you download free anime music in MP3
  • No need to sign up or register


  • Consists of a lot of ads leading to a poor user experience
  • Not suggested for individuals below 18

2.      Khinsider

This is yet another free anime music download site. Khinsider allows users to enjoy and download more than 800,00 music tracks without any hassle. All you have to do is to search for the music you want and download them without the interruption of ads. However, if you don’t find what you want, you can request Khinsider and they will soon upload it for you.


  • Download multiple soundtracks at the same time
  • No ads interruption
  • Enjoy anime music for free


  • Poor and dull website interface
  • Only music from anime games is available here

3.      Hikarinoakari

If you are an anime fan, you must not miss Hikarinoakari. This website has a user-friendly interface that lets you download songs in MP3 conveniently. From the latest to oldest OSTs, here you can find everything. Besides, you do not even need to have an account to download. Instead, with Hikarinoakari users can download music from third-party sources like Mega or Google Drive.


  • Regular updates
  • Free MP3 download
  • No need to register or create an account


  • A lot of unnecessary popup ads

4.      Gendou

With more than 7,500 songs, Gendou has a huge collection of anime soundtracks and tunes. On this site, you may download or save your favorite tracks with a few clicks. If you’re in search of animes music that you can’t find elsewhere, Gendou will have it. Apart from music, it also supports a chat feature. This chat option connects animes lovers all over the globe. Besides, if you wish, you may upload your music on this site as well.


  • Huge library of popular anime tracks
  • You can download music for free
  • No third-party server is needed


  • To download, you need an account
  • The website interface is old-fashioned

5.      Nipponsei Minglong

The only purpose of this website is to offer good-quality animes music. It is straightforward and the download process is very easy. Simply search for the title in the search box and you’ll get a download link. Next, access the link to download and save the music to your library. Finally, enjoy the music whenever you want.


  • Extensive collection of OSTs
  • No need for registration


  • Disorganized website, thus making it difficult for users to navigate

6.      8tracks

Downloading songs in MP3 with 8tracks is simple as a breeze. Prepare to be awestruck by the huge number of anime songs available. On this platform, there is an animes playlist that you can view at any time as well as from any location. You can listen to your favorite Japanese and Korean pop songs. Moreover, other than animes music, you can find and download music from artists from around the globe as well.


  • Offers free anime music download
  • Listen to music according to your mood from its playlist such as happy, sad, and sleepy songs


  • You must create an account to download songs

7.      Musical.f-n.me

Musical.f-n.me is a mainstream music download site for anime OSTs. It includes soundtracks and music themes from famous anime series, such as One Punch Man, Hibike, Euphonium, etc. On the other hand, users can search for a song or an album and download it directly from their website.


  • Stream and download the latest anime tracks
  • Download music free of cost


  • To avail the full features, you need to register first

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The Final Words

Here ends our list of the best anime music websites. Thanks to these top websites, now anime fans can download MP3 music effortlessly. Each website has its pros as well as cons. However, you have to find what works best for you.

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