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Al Song, with built-in lyrics editor

Al Song, with built-in lyrics editor

The operation is quite simple: you touch in which song is this and after a few seconds you will have the result. Curiously, from the results you cannot play the song, although you can add it to favorites or a playlist. Genius is an application that focuses 100% on the lyrics of the songs, although it also has musical recognition thanks to ACR Cloud. The recognition itself is correct and has the advantage that, almost always, it will come hand in hand with the lyrics, a to z lyrics of the song.

Genius song recognition focuses on finding the lyrics of the song,

Although the play button is included with which you can listen to the song in a small floating window . The list of the songs you have searched for so far is not clearly saved. Another application very focused on the lyrics of the songs is Musixmatch, although it doubles functions as a music player . Or triple, because it also helps you to identify songs from the Identify tab.

The identification of songs doesn’t beat around the bush,

With a button to identify and the result that will be shown either as plain text or with the lyrics -possibly synchronized to karaoke- of those songs that are in your files. Music Identifier – also known as Beat Find in English – is another simple song recognition app powered by Carload. It is ideal if you are looking for an app that only identifies songs and nothing else.

Our computer is more than a work tool, and it is also very useful for our leisure.

One of the most used functions is the possibility of listening to music. Sometimes we may miss the ability to read the lyrics of the songs we are listening to. To do this we can make use of players that have this capacity, as well as use programs that offer this possibility either to listen to music from Spotify or from the Media Player.

The recognition process takes no more than a few seconds and after that you will see the title, the author and a button to listen to the song on Spotify. You can check the songs you have identified before from your history.

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