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Back To School Lunch box Gear

Back To School Lunch box Gear

Part of beginning school is packing a lunch. Packing a prepared lunch is frequently healthier than purchasing lunch at school. Having a nice new Hydro Flask Lunch Box, water bottle or food container makes packing a lunch exciting. Think beyond the brown paper bag and acquire some lunch gear that will preserve your culinary creativity, keep cold items cool and make it easier for your kids to enjoy their mid-day meal away from you. This is the greatest Hydro Flask Lunch Box gear you can find anywhere!


If you’re searching for a fashionable method to bring a nutritious lunch to school that’s eco-friendly and functional, look no further than PlanetBox. The Hydro Flask Lunch Box is an excellent Hydro Flask Lunch Box for little children who want a broad choice of food with smaller portion sizes.


It holds an impressive 4.5 cups worth of food, so it will grow right along with your child, year after year. It’s perfect for variety and versatility. It even includes a spot in the center for a small treat, such as a handful of chocolate chips or a Justin’s PB Cup on Hydro Flask Promo Code.

Personalized Look

Our favorite part about PlanetBox is the fact that they employ durable stainless steel for all their bento-style boxes, so they are eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, BPA free, certified non-toxic, and have a 5-year guarantee! Trust us, these boxes will endure for an extraordinarily long period. And, in the future, if your kid decides to change up the style of his box, you can simply buy a new magnet set and/or a new outer bag, to give it a fresh, personalized look.


Add to the full set with the BottleRocket Water Bottle, which features a soft plastic spout that isn’t loud while he is drinking (his teacher will appreciate you!) It has a leak-resistant bottle and top (his bag and dry schoolwork will thank you!). The Carry Bag conveniently carries their Rover box and water bottle and is constructed of sturdy cotton. The exterior is 100 percent recycled polyester fiber. On the interior is polyester with TPU covering for effortless wipe-off surface cleaning. It also includes an adjustable strap, so it may grow right along with your kid over the years, or be worn as a cross-body.


Lunchbox For Rover

  • One Big Dipper and one Little Dipper are included with each Rover.
  • With your order, you’ll get a free magnet set.
  • Magnet sets matched to your child’s specific interests are available in 19+ varieties.

Dishwasher Friendly

  • A guarantee of five years is provided.

BottleRocket Bottled Water

  • The locking mechanism is easy for little hands to operate and secures tightly
  • Constructed specifically to fit in the front drinking pocket of the Carry Bag and to complement its color scheme
  • No metallic aftertaste thanks to the use of high-quality stainless steel!
  • Your child’s drink will come into direct touch with no plastic whatsoever.
  • Vacuum-insulated and double-walled, it doesn’t get hot inside.
  • There are Hydro Flask Straw Lid or little pieces to worry about sterilizing, so cleaning is a breeze!
  • Up to 12-hour cold retention
  • Five-Year Warranty on Dishwasher Safe
  • Non-toxic and devoid of BPA.

Carry a Tote in Your Hand

  • Easily accommodates the Big Dipper in the outside snack pocket
  • A bottle with a diameter of little more than three inches may be stored in the outside water bottle pouch.
  • The ColdKit icepack attachment may be stored in the inside mesh pocket.
  • Holds PlanetBox utensils in place with elastic straps inside.
  • Submerged in soapy water, it may then be air-dried.


It was Caroline and Robert Miros’ vision to build PlanetBox that brought it to life. For the last fifteen years, Robert has been designing consumer and medical goods like a professional engineer. As an advocate for children’s health and sustainability, Caroline has worked extensively on these issues. There is a shared desire to improve the well-being of children and the environment. Both of them pack their own lunches! They want an all-in-one appliance with different compartments for storing food and promoting good eating habits.


Technical Aid

Hydro Flask has everything you need for a healthy Hydro Flask Lunch Box this school year. Insulated water bottles and food storage containers are available to suit a broad variety of demands and age groups. The 12 oz bottle is a good starting point for younger children.


Small enough to fit in a young child’s Hydro Flask Lunch Box, this snack is a great option. The 18 oz Wide Mouth and the 21 oz Standard bottles are ideal for older children, particularly those who participate in sports.


They’re small and light enough to toss in a bag or bring with you to sports practice. For up to 24 hours, these bottles keep cold drinks cold and hot beverages hot.


Trying to find a way to keep food warm for lunch? Or is it the ideal container for a warm cup of oats on the go? The search is over! Both a 12 oz. and an 18 oz. food flasks are available from Hydro Flask. Traveling with a temperature-controlled treat is a breeze with these containers.


They can also handle cold meals. What a terrific method to get your kids to eat their yogurt before they go off to school!

Bottles Of Water

  • Protected with Tempshield
  • 24 hours of cold storage
  • Up to six hours of hot storage
  • Powder-coated 18/8 stainless steel, free of BPA and sweat (or Classic Stainless option)
  • Warranty for the Rest of Your Life
  • Many third-party water filters may be fitted with an industry-standard largemouth opening.
  • Food Flasks with Wide Flat Caps, Hydro Flip Lids, and Wide Hydro Flask Straw Lid are all compatible with this lid.

Protected With Tempshield

  • Stainless Steel 18/8 Pro-Grade BPA-Free Lifetime Warranty


In 2009, Hydro Flask Straw Lid introduced the first-ever fully-insulated bottle on the market. Their sales have now expanded and exceeded 1 million dollars in 2011 despite their humble origins.


As a result, they’ve expanded their product line to include insulated growlers as well as a broad range of water bottles. For two years running, Outside Magazine and The 500 fastest-growing company’s lists have included this firm, even though it has grown significantly.


Despite this, the company has remained faithful to its modest roots. Wherever your travels may go, they are dedicated to providing you with unexpected moments of respite.


Gear Trudeau

This school year, eliminate the plastic baggies and breakable forks and go for eco-friendly, long-lasting alternatives instead. Trudeau’s Fuel range has everything you need for quick, tasty, and simple meals and snacks.


Fuel’s Uno Snack Container ensures freshness and no crushing for your children’s snack. When packing a kid’s lunch, consider adding Fuel’s Foldable Cutlery Set to their Hydro Flask Lunch Box.


  • Fuel Uno Snack Container Features You’ll Love
  • Designed to be used as a dry snack
  • 8-ounce capacity
  • Clip ring BPA free Dishwasher safe
  • The locking lid is a breeze.
  • Multi-colored options are available.
  • Set of Folding Cutlery by Fuel
  • Cutlery is made of stainless steel.
  • Handles that are kind to the environment
  • Free of lead, BPA, and PVC
  • A fork and a spoon are included in this set with Hydro Flask Straw Lid.
  • Multi-colored options are available.


Ever since Trudeau first entered the kitchen and housewares industry in 1889, they’ve been bringing their family values and passion to the market via creative and simple, but sophisticated items that make serving and creating food and drink a delight.

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