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Backlinks to Energizer Review

Backlinks to Energizer Review

Every day you build backlinks to make your website better. However, there is a certain factor that you need to remember, even if you have created 10,000 backlinks, the search engines will not index any of them. What now your laborious work is useless! Are all links indexed? There are so many programs out there to help people like us and last month I got a great tool called “Backlink Energizer”. What does this so-called backlinks energizer do?

 This guy is so smart!

He created a great solution for his group at an affordable price! Backlink Energizer is a Word Press plugin that sends RSS feed articles to Web 2.0 sites or hidden groups of your choice. The clusters are WordPress.com, , Poster, BlogSpot, Multiply, Live Journal, Typed, and a self-hosted Word Press blog. The URL of the reverse link is included in the content of the RSS feed. As a result, search engine bots immediately check our links when they index all of this content. Then your link will be indexed! Isn’t that easy?

  • Why is Backlink Energizer great?
  • You can set it up very quickly. It is easy
  • No need to buy more expensive waste management equipment
  • You don’t need other plugins like developer APIs to add RSS feeds in Web 2.0.
  • How does Backlink Energizer work? It’s a system

Start by creating 1 Word Press platform site. You can set it up on a subdomain or buy a bunch of cheap.info sites and install Word Press on it.

Then install it. Then download Backlink Energizer. Get RSS site URL and keywords. It doesn’t matter if the keywords and URLs are not related to the niche. This only applies to content. Then enter a Web 2.0 profile (also called a cluster) with a username and password.

Then upload all the backlinks you want indexed.

  • Determine how many articles and links you want to submit each day. My setup is to send 12 messages
  • per day with 4 URLs.
  • Activate the link now!
  • Wait and see the results.
  • Testing with Backlink Energizer:

The most difficult problem in indexing is profile links. No matter how hard I tried, Pinging URLs, spreading RSS feeds all over the aggregator, I still couldn’t find the previous links. A lot of pain and suffering after hard work. First I created 9 web 2.0 sites. (If you’re too lazy to build nine web 2.0s, you can order BE BLISS. Then put it in BE. All you have to do is enter your username and password. Then I get all the profile links I made before, all 200 links, and then I submit the BE Word Press plugin. I put 12 posts with four hyperlinks in each post. That’s 48 links that are activated every day. All  buy SEO backlinks cheap are ready and processed within four days. Then I wait 2 weeks for the Google bots to index my content. Here is the result finally. I am really impressed with these amazing tools! Did you know? I check the backlink clock, 50 profile links are indexed and more are added every day! What a life saver. The Backlink Energizer Word Press plugin is great. By far the fastest link indexing tool I’ve ever paid for. For more information visit our website https://www.digitalmarketing1on1.com/buy-backlinks/.


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