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Best Instagram Story Viewers for 2022

Best Instagram Story Viewers for 2022

Instagram is a widely used website for youngsters and the youngsters are usually on it for more than one reason, it is usually a photo-sharing website but ever since the beginning of this decade it has been something incredible.

The ability to check out who has viewed your Instagram Story is a double edged sword — pretty satisfying when it’s your Story, and pretty exposing when you’re on the other side. Though you might enjoy being able to see who is watching your Stories, you’ve likely wondered how to watch other people’s Instagram Stories anonymously.

Once known for its effect on how young women saw their bodies and perceived insecurity, it has now become the hot spot for businesses. The entertainment industry has warmed up to it and how. Influencers make a lot of money these days because of Instagram, brands are selling more products because of this app. It’s important to note that just because it’s up and coming it still has other uses that people are interested in, which does not include the profit or social media sharing.

Instagram Story Viewers

One of the main features that Instagram has is that it allows for a user to put up a story, when a user does that the story is up there on their profile for 24 hrs. When you view that story your username on Instagram is shown to the person whose story you have just watched. Now we are not judging but sometimes you want to watch the story of an ex or of a girl next door whom you hate, and that’s fine. You could have your reasons for wanting to watch someone’s story without giving them the satisfaction of seeing your name on their feed. Congratulations there are apps for this behavior and we have the top 5 list for it.

1. Qoob Stories 

You can also use the feature of automating entire stories by simply adding the account you want to stalk, oops we meant to observe the account you’re spying on. You’re able to download the photos and videos in high resolution. This is one of the best Instagram story viewers that is available in the market right now.

2. Instalkr

This one is a bit different, you get access to a person’s public account without even having an account yourself. Which is something that no other app does. You can go through one’s Instagram stories, subscriptions without even ever getting noticed. It also lets you see the deleted stories from any Instagram profile you would pick out.

3. InstaDP

This is an incredibly easy way to view and download stories of friends and family before they go into vanish mode. It does a very basic thing of copy-pasting the username after which you can anonymously see a profile of anyone you want to. You are also able to download photos and videos. You can also download the reels in their original quality. It is a minimal app but hey it gets the job done.

4. StoriesDown

This has everything you need from a story viewer. You can access an Instagram account without having an account of your own. View the content of the desired platforms anonymously and download the stories too. The visuals of this platform are amazing and it is very easy to use. Like many other story viewers, this also greets you with a box in which you put the username of the account whose story you want to watch. You don’t need your account to use this. You can also download the photos and videos without messing up the resolution.

5. Picuki

Picuki is another simple platform to use, it’s a bit difficult to find the box in which you put the username but once you find it you have nothing to complain about. It is quite simple to use, you don’t need any registration or sign up. The interface is a bit difficult to grasp but it is quite pretty to look at. You can view anyone’s story without being noticed. It is a great platform for story viewers.

In closing

We’ve reached the end of this article and as we promised, you have all the information you need to pick out your favorite anonymous Instagram story viewers that suits you well. Remember to go for something that has an interface that suits you. Aesthetically it doesn’t matter what you pick to make sure it’s effective, there are also other things you can do to make sure your choice is right, that make your account public use one of these apps and see if it works on your Instagram account first. That way you know which one to trust, however, we can back up the validity of these websites.


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