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These Facts About Donut Calories Might Surprise You

These Facts About Donut Calories Might Surprise You
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Size, toppings, fillings, and preparation methods all make a big difference in donut calories. And BTW, every bite is well worth it.

A Saturday morning bakery run, Buy donuts in perth complete with your favorite latte and a donut, sounds like a perfect way to ring in the weekend. But should you be worrying about donut calories? What about sugar. Buy donuts in perth  Is it okay to eat donuts every weekend?

First, know this: While it’s true that some foods have more nutritional value than others (kale vs. candy, if you will) that doesn’t mean any food is inherently “good” or “bad” and labeling things you eat this way can actually have some harmful effects on your mental health and perpetuate the toxicity of diet culture.

What Affects Donut Calories?

So, how can you tell how many donut calories you’re consuming? There are a few things to consider:

How they’re prepared: Fried or baked?

What kind of batter: Donuts are typically made with either yeast or cake batter. Airier yeast donuts usually have fewer calories than cake donuts, which have a denser texture.

Toppings: Beyond a basic glaze or sprinkles, donuts these days are topped with everything from whipped cream and cookie crumbles to colorful cereal and bacon. Buy donuts in perth Pretty obvious, but the more toppings, the more donut calories you’re consuming.

Fillings: Filled donuts that contain cream, chocolate, or jams will have more calories and sugar than those that are not filled.

Size: Donuts are all over the place in size, from one-bite donut holes to huge treats bigger than your hand. The standard size for a donut, however, is about 3 inches in diameter, says Michalczyk. Obviously, the bigger your donut, the more calories it will have — and the more toppings it can hold

How Donut Calories Compare to Other Breakfast Pastries

It’s tough to do a direct comparison because breakfast pastries, just like donuts, vary widely in calorie content depending on their ingredients, size.

and preparation method. Plus, names can be deceiving: For instance, you might assume, a bran muffin or slice of banana bread is the best choice, Coffee Shop in Perth  but those can still be high in calories, fat, and sugar, says Ehsani. (Craving banana bread now? Sorry, but these recipes for vegan banana bread and gluten-free banana bread can solve that.

When it comes to treats such as croissants, danishes, scones, and coffee cake, they’re all made from refined flour, sugar, butter or oil, and eggs. Ehsani says your best option if you’re going to have a breakfast pastry is to choose one that’s on the smaller side (those massive blueberry crumble muffins are likely higher in sugar, fat,

The Bottom Line On Donut Calories

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t eat donuts. “While a donut is not the healthiest food in the world, looking at food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ can put a lot of stress around food and make you banish this food, only to make you feel extremely guilty when you do allow yourself to have it,” says Michalczyk.


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