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Can Astrology Attract Financial Stability To Your House? What Are Some Tips For That?

Can Astrology Attract Financial Stability To Your House? What Are Some Tips For That?

Financial stability is so much necessary in one’s life. Money is essential for everybody to have a good education and lead a good life. But sometimes, no matter how careful you are, however hard you work, things do not work out the way you want like you may suddenly lose your job, may not get the much-deserved promotion or increment, may incur a loss in your business, may not get a suitable job. However hard you try to figure out why it is happening, you may never find a reason. This is where astrology comes to your help. You can take the expert advice of the best astrologer in Canada or elsewhere to find out why you are facing such problems and the solutions to overcome them.  

Your astrologers will tell you that some planetary positions and movements may lead to such problems. But you have nothing to worry about as there are solutions to these problems in astrology. With the help of financial astrology or wealth horoscope, they will advise you on how to attract money.

Planets, houses, and their significance in financial well being

Some of the houses in the natal charts are considered while making finance astrological predictions.

The second house: Indicates how you make money, your financial conditions, and your prospects.

The fifth house: This house tells how you earn money through stocks, trading, speculations, and talent.

The sixth house: It represents money from jobs and services.

The seventh house: When you are into business, the seventh house becomes vital to see financial conditions.

The eighth house: It represents the money you get from others, like, inheriting money, money through insurance, and will, especially from the dead. It also indicates the money of your partner.   

The ninth house: It is the Lakshmi Sthana. It indicates luck and fortune.

 The eleventh house: It shows the sources of money, the amount of money you get at once from your own effort.

The first house represents you-your nature, personality, interests, etc. When it is connected with any of the above-mentioned wealth indicating houses, you will attract money. 

The best astrologer in Toronto will also tell you that planetary combinations have a great influence on your money matters. Jupiter, Moon, and Venus signify wealth in any horoscope. Venus represents luxuries and comforts and Jupiter abundance. When Venus & Jupiter are in good houses, you are rich. You will succeed in business if Mercury is placed well in your natal chart. It also gives you financial stability.

Simple astrological tips for improving financial stability

  • Simple, easy-to-do tips to improve your financial stability are enumerated below.
  • Plant a banana tree in a temple to reduce your financial problems.
  • Always keep salt in a closed container.
  • Oil all the hinges of the doors. They should not create a sound on opening and closing.
  • Avoid bed coffee or tea without rinsing your mouth. Do not touch fire (stove), cow, or a brahman with unclean hands.
  • Apply saffron to the statue of Devi Mahalakshmi, and it will make you rich.
  • Add pearl shells in water and bathe Goddess Mahalakshmi to overcome all financial problems.
  • Keep peacock feathers in your room.
  • Keep your locker on stable ground. Never keep it on a metal frame or metal pieces.
  • Place a perfume bottle or incense stick in your locker.
  • Whenever you do chapati, give the first to a cow and the last to a dog.
  • Visit Lakshmi Narayan Temple every Friday, light an incense stick and offer your prayers.
  • Whenever you go to a bank to deposit money, start from the west. Think of Goddess Lakshmi and chant Om shreem shreem shreem.
  • Offer Goddess Lakshmi red flowers, sweets, and milk every day.
  • Take 5 peppercorns. Move it above your head 7 times consecutively. Throw 4 peppercorns in 4 different directions and the 5th toward the sky. This will increase your finance.
  • Keep the broom in a place where nobody can see it.
  • Clean the entire house on a new moon day and offer your prayers at home by lighting a lamp and incense stick.
  • If you face a severe shortage of money, place a red cloth in your vault.
  • If you own a shop, keep a picture of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi in the vault.
  • Every day after opening your shop, worship Goddess Lakshmi. Your income will increase.

Financial stability is something everybody yearns for. An astrologer will analyze your birth charts and advise you to achieve them without much difficulty. You may also follow these simple steps to improve it and move toward a satisfying better future.


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