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Causes of Early Ejaculation & What are the Best Treatment Options Available

Causes of Early Ejaculation & What are the Best Treatment Options Available

The causes of early ejaculation include medical, psychological, and lifestyle factors. In some cases, men may experience infrequent episodes of Premature Ejaculation. However, if the early ejaculation problems causes are severe, men might experience several episodes of PE, and if left untreated, it can lead to infertility or even other health conditions. Let’s understand in detail premature ejaculation.

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What Is Premature Ejaculation?

The discharge of sperm from the penis while in an orgasmic act is ejaculation. When ejaculation comes too quickly for you or your partner’s satisfaction, it is referred to as premature ejaculation or early ejaculation.

PE is prevalent and about one-third of 18- to 59 year old males encounter PE at some stage in their life. There are several reasons for ejaculating early, and consulting with the doctor is the ideal solution to discover the cause.

PE is also called:

  • fast ejaculation
  • early ejaculation
  • premature climax

Early ejaculation is sexual dysfunction. So sexual dysfunction is a disorder that prevents a couple from experiencing sexual intercourse satisfactorily. No matter what is causing early ejaculation or other sexual dysfunction, the sexologist in Delhi can help in identifying the causes and treatment of early ejaculation.

Before moving to the causes of early ejaculation, let’s look at the symptoms of early ejaculation.

Symptoms Of Early Ejaculation

Rare happenings of PE are often nothing to worry about. Treating premature ejaculation is necessary if it often happens or for a prolonged time.

The primary symptom of early ejaculation is the consistent inability to postpone orgasm for more than one minute following insertion during sexual activity. Additionally, rapid orgasm while masturbating may be a concern for certain individuals.

Furthermore, you may have natural variable premature ejaculation in case you are experiencing premature ejaculation occasionally and regular ejaculation at certain times. The causes of early ejaculation in such cases might be a lack of sleep, stress, etc.

PE is classified as lifelong or acquired.

  • Lifelong (primary) PE indicates that you have had this experience constantly or almost constantly since your first sexual encounter.
  • Acquired (secondary) PE is when you had longer-lasting ejaculations but now experiencing the development of PE.

Some other symptoms may include:

  • diminished trust in the relationship
  • interpersonal difficulties
  • mental anguish
  • nervousness
  • embarrassment
  • despair

Men who ejaculate prematurely may experience emotional distress.

Causes Of Early Ejaculation

The early ejaculation causes and solutions can effectively address early ejaculation. However, it is vital to understand the causes of early ejaculation.

There are emotional and psychological aspects of premature ejaculation. However, other variables also influence. Certain psychological factors may be brief. For instance, an individual may have suffered PE during their first sexual interactions. However, as they grew old and had more sexual interactions, they developed techniques to postpone ejaculation.

Also, as a person ages and has greater difficulty sustaining an erection, early ejaculation may become a problem. Further, premature ejaculation might trigger due to underlying diseases or mental health issues, such as:

  • a past case of sexual abuse as a culprit, victim, or survivor
  • consciousness of body-image
  • lower self-esteem
  • guilt may sometimes promote hurried sexual relations, which might result in PE

Other causes of early ejaculation may include:

  • Concerning  ejaculating too quickly
  • Anxiety over limited sexual pleasure
  • Relationship difficulties or unhappiness

The imbalance of hormones, like testosterone or neurotransmitters, which are substances generated by nerve cells, may lead to PE. Furthermore, prostate or urethra inflammation may also result in various symptoms, including PE and erectile dysfunction.

Some medical causes of early ejaculation include:

  • diabetes
  • multiple sclerosis
  • thyroid problems
  • prostate disease
  • unlawful drug usage
  • excessive alcohol consumption

Furthermore, in most circumstances, premature ejaculation does not indicate any serious health problem. Occasionally, the causes of early ejaculation is a significant health condition, such as injury to the nerve system after surgery or trauma.

Treatment Of Premature Ejaculation

Consult a physician if premature ejaculation is troubling to your sexual life. So they will do a physical examination and ask you questions. Your doctor may perform blood tests and deliver a diagnosis based on your responses. Additionally, they would be able to address your queries and comfort you that this is a typical issue. At first, they will understand the causes of early ejaculation and offer the appropriate treatment.

Behavioral Techniques

More than fifty percent of individuals with premature ejaculation benefit from behavioral treatments.

This therapy involves practicing ejaculatory control individually or with a companion.

Start-and-stop Technique

In the start-and-stop approach, you or your companion will stroke your penis till you feel the onset of an orgasmic sensation. The stimulus then ceases for around 30 seconds. After regaining control of your reaction, stimulation will resume. So this procedure is performed three or four times before achieving an orgasm.

Squeezing Technique

The squeezing technique works similarly to treat the causes of early ejaculation. Whenever you feel like you will reach orgasm, you or your companion squeeze the penis tip for around 30 seconds, causing you to drop the erection. So you will repeat the method multiple times until you let yourself experience orgasm.

Psychological Support

Stress, despair, and other emotional difficulties might result in premature ejaculation. Seeking the assistance of a psychotherapist or therapist may be beneficial for these concerns. Couples counseling may also be helpful if relationship issues are the underlying reason.

Medical Treatments

Several medical procedures may assist individuals in treating the reasons for ejaculating early. Several antidepressants, particularly selective serotonin reuptake drugs, seem to prolong ejaculation (SSRIs). These medications are accessible with a prescription from a physician, and the FDA has not authorized using these medications to treat premature ejaculation.

In addition, antidepressants may produce nausea, dry mouth, and sleepiness. Antidepressants may also reduce your sexual drive, and your physician can help determine if an antidepressant is appropriate. Additionally, anesthetic creams may help in treating premature ejaculation. These lotions are given to the penis’s head to reduce its sensitivity. Typically, the male will apply the cream 30 minutes before intercourse and then wipe it off after it has dulled the sensation in the penis.

Some individuals may postpone ejaculation by using a condom, which might leave the penis less sensitive.

Bottom Line

Early ejaculation problem is becoming prevalent now. So no matter what is the causes of early ejaculation, with the right treatment, you can manage the condition and lead a good sexual life.


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