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Clean the windows

Clean the windows
Window cleaner using a squeegee to wash a window

When you are going to clean the glass, to obtain a good result, it is very important to create the necessary conditions for it. If you are going to clean the windows of your house, it is necessary that before using the cleaner you remove any dirt that may have adhered to it from its surface.

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If you use the cleaner without doing this, during the process a soapy film will form mixed with the residue, which will be difficult to remove at first and then make the glass cloudy.

Remove window frames or screens

Regardless of the design of the windows in your home, or how much you clean them, dust and other environmental residues accumulate on the frames or screens. That is why, at least once or twice a year, you should remove the frames or screens from your windows to give them a deep cleaning.

To do this, use a screwdriver to remove the fixing points and carefully remove the windows. Use a vacuum or a spray bottle and sponge to clean them. This will help make your cleaner work more efficiently. In addition, it allows to have a better aesthetic in the windows. When you’re done, put the windows back in place.

Use window cleaner

To use your kontor rengøring you must start by applying a recommended product to clean this type of material and spread it with a sponge or towel over its entire surface. Next, if you’ve opted for an automatic cleaner, turn it on and start wiping it across the window so it sucks up any applied solution while leaving the glass clean.

In case you have bought a manual one, you should put it against the glass and lower it by applying a little pressure so that it accumulates moisture as it goes down. Wipe the wiper head dry with a towel when you get to the bottom of the window.

What to wear

So that the crystals are clean and not opaque, it is necessary that when using the appliance you bought, you know what to apply to obtain good results. In any supermarket or specialist store you will find special products to clean window glass.

You can also save a little by making your own cleaning solution using a cup of vinegar, a few drops of the dishwashing liquid you use, and a cup and a half of rubbing alcohol as a measure. Put all this in a bottle, preferably with a spray bottle to facilitate its application on the windows. To clean the windows with this preparation, follow the same procedure.




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