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Three Reasons Why You Need a Contested Divorce lawyer NY

Three Reasons Why You Need a Contested Divorce lawyer NY

Getting divorced can be a very stressful time for both the couple involved and their families, there are always going to be points that both parties disagree on and this is why you need to seek the advice of a divorce lawyer. A professional Contested Divorce lawyer NY will be able to help you to work your way through what has the potential to be one of the most traumatic events in your life.

Contested Divorce lawyer NY

Dividing Your Assets

One of the first tasks that a professional lawyer can help you with, is the division of the family assets. These are the assets that you and your partner have accrued during the length of the marriage, and dividing these assets gets more and more complicated the higher the value as both parties tend to squabble over them. It can be a tough time trying to sort out who gets the family pets, money and items that you have bought since you were married and your professional can help to arrange a compromise so that both parties are happy.

Child Custody Arrangements

No one wants a child custody battle, but all too often this is what happens when family fall apart and this can be even more traumatic for both parents than the division of assets. This is going to be the most important aspect of the divorce and for that reason you really do need the help of a professional lawyer in order to guide you through the child custody process. It is the job of the divorce lawyer to help to moderate the differences between each party and to make sure that both parties are in agreement when it comes to where the child or children live, visiting rights etc.

Get Your Fair Share

When the time comes to file for divorce, you are going to need to employ the services of a professional divorce lawyer in order to help you to get what you deserve from the break up of your marriage. If your spouse has a divorce lawyer and you do not, then there is the risk that you lose out not only on the assets but also on any custody battles and visiting rights for the children. He will be able to guide you through the entire process of divorce from start to finish and they will make sure that you end up getting what you deserve from the break up.


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