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Create Your Cigarette Packaging in 5 Easy Steps

Create Your Cigarette Packaging in 5 Easy Steps

The government always attempts to ban smoking cigarettes. However, the smoking trend persists across all different age groups. Smoking cigarettes is on the rise every year. Numerous new brands of cigarettes are quickly introduced to the market. Packaging for cigarettes plays an essential role in this. Every brand employs custom designed cigarette boxes to draw consumers to purchase the product. The consumer can also create cigarette boxes according to their preference. They can carry cigarettes in a distinct design. Here are a few simple steps you can take to design your package for cigarettes:

Materials Required For Cigarette Packaging

  • A3-sized sheet of paper
  • Clear vinyl adhesive sticker
  • Double-sided paper tape
  • Glue
  • Paper cutter
  • Metal scale
  • Scissor

Step 1: Finalize a Design

Look up a design to be used in cigarette packaging online or design it using Photoshop. Make sure to keep the box size in line with the length of the cigarettes. Photoshop supports different variations in design. Print out a color print of the design for packaging on an A3-sized sheet of paper. In the settings, choose that the layout is suitable for display. Apply a transparent adhesive sheet over the structure to provide security. Check to ensure that there is no air bubble in the sheet. The companies that sell cigarettes wholesale use the same process for finalizing the design.

Step 2: Cut the Crease Lines and Make Creases

Utilize a scale made of metal and a cutter for cutting a crease. The crease will be traced on the reverse of the paper. It is recommended to create creases on the reverse of the printed side. This helps make the box appear friendly. After you’ve cut it and flipped it over, you can flip the paper. Utilize a scale made of metal and create creases across the folds.

Step 3: Cutting the Box

Flip the paper over so that the printed side is on top. Cut the box’s outer layer following the guidelines. Cut the L-shaped slit in the box in the picture. The entire thing will be folded into the box.

Step 4: Make the Strong Lock for the Box

Now, we must design locks for the box of cigarettes. With no lock, the cigarette packaging appears unfinished. Cut the lock off the paper as illustrated in the picture. Please put it in the box, so its top is in the third fold. Join it from edge to edge. Apply glue to ensure that it will adhere to the cardboard box.

Step 5: Making the Box

The final stage of our procedure is to give the box a shape. Fold the box inwards to create the bottom section larger. The sides should be glued in a straight line from the edge. Make sure to hold it tightly for several seconds before fastening. Fold up the sides of the container. This is the stage in which you’ll be confident about how to fold it.

Your boxes for cigarettes are set. It allows you to take your smoke fashionably. The design can be customized as per your preference. The color scheme can be picked following your preferences.



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