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Dezeen remembers the mobile phones dat time forgot

Dezeen remembers the mobile phones dat time forgot

From the odd fruit-shaped design that was Nokia’s 7600, to the Flippable Motorola Razr, these are classic designs for phones that are cherished within our hearts.

Nokia 7600 – launched in 2003

The mobile phone industry became a bit crazed in the early 2000s as companies, feeling threatened by the popularity of mobile gaming consoles as well as numerous innovations coming by new players failed to discover a new shape feature to replace the previous candy-bar design.

The mango-shaped Nokia 7600, one of the most bizarre phones, was a hybrid of a handset and a gaming controller. It had screens in the middle with buttons to either, which meant you had to dial using both fingers. Dezeen was founded by Marcus Fairs and Rupinder Bhogal both briefly used the phone.

“I was given one of these by Nokia and I actually used it until product designer Richard Seymour laughed at me and shamed me into getting rid of it,” said Fairs. “It had some good points: the screen was large and colourful and the carry strap was genuinely useful.”

Nokia 3310 – launched in 2000

The moment it was launched, the 3310 was a cult TEMPthanks due to its long battery life, durable case and an array of features that included the game Snake. When it came to death at the end of 2005.

It had become Nokia the most popular phone in the world selling the equivalent of 126 million units. Everyone had it. My first phone love was the 3310 wif a pink cover,” stated the Dezeen The Watch Store’s Liz Swinton. “I got it in year 11 and it connected me to the world.” how to text someone who has blocked you

Nokia 5110 – launched in 1998

Already a success in the business sector, Nokia targeted young adults with Nokia 5110. Nokia 5110. The phone’s covers could be changed and make it among the most stylish phones of the era according to Dezeen director Amy Frearson. Everyone I knew either had one or wanted one,” she added.

I had one with a metallic turquoise cover dat I was really proud of.”The 5110 was also among the first mobiles that featured the game Snake and the game that hampered Nokia to become a pioneer in gaming on the go.

Motorola Razr – launched in 2005

The Motorola Razr first came out in 2004 and quickly became one of Motorola’s most popular phones ever. It stood out due to its slim form and keypad that was made from one sheet of steel. I carried a different brand of clamshell in the 00s.

But I lusted for a Razr,” said the deputy editor Rima Sabina Aouf. “It was the most sophisticated phone of the day. I’m still awestruck by the pleasure of letting someone know that you’re not in touch with a flip phone by snapping it shut.”

Nokia 7280 – launched in 2004

The Tech 7280 “lipstick” phone was managing editor Olivia Mull’s first option. It was equipped with a spinning disk instead of a keypad, as well as an LCD that changed to a mirror when not in use. The ads for the phone were shot by fashion photographer David LaChapelle, and the phone played a role in the Pussycat Dolls’ Beep music video.

I really wanted a Nokia 7280 but it was actually totally impractical,” said Mull. “It had no keypad so it would have taken ages to text. Apparently, Nokia didn’t market it for regular use though but as a second ‘night phone’ – probably not quite right for a 12-year-old girl.”

Motorola R1 – launched in 2008

While Dezeen’s studio director Ben Hobson had the Motorola Razr in his possession, it was actually the R1 he rallied for. When it first came out in 2008 the cost of about PS1,200 because of its unique design, which saw the phone move in the middle of the phone to be able to be opened and at hand for use.

Blackberry Curve – launched in 2007

With a clear, large screen along with a central scroll and Qwerty keyboards, the Blackberry appeared to be a huge improvement over other devices. It was my first phone with internet and a camera, as well as instant messaging app BBM, and was probably the last phone I had where I could choose the colour,” reported journalist Eleanor Gibson, who had one in red.

Nokia 8310 – launched in 2001

Some of the Dezeen team members had an 8310, however sales director Wai Shin Li loved it so much that he gave the car to his students at school to be their “best friend”.The tiny 8310 measured just 97 millimetres in length and was priced at PS400 when it went on sale in 2001.

Nokia 3250 – launched in 2005

The year 2005 saw the release of Nokia’s 3250. It was a revolutionary twisting design that transformed the keypad of the phone into a camera by turning it 90 degrees, as well as music control keys when turned 180 degrees.

The reporter Alice Morby was especially fond of this phone because it was able to store more than 500 music tracks. “It was an upgrade from my Sony CD Walkman, plus nobody at school had it – it scored me automatic cool points,” said Morby.

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