Home Business Create a Healthy Digital Menu with HiMenus Restaurant System

Create a Healthy Digital Menu with HiMenus Restaurant System

Create a Healthy Digital Menu with HiMenus Restaurant System

People are becoming more and more interested in their health, and as a result, they are looking for healthier options when it comes to food. This presents a unique opportunity for restaurants to appeal to a wider range of customers by offering healthy alternatives to traditional ingredients and recipes. Not only will this attract new customers, but it will also keep your existing customer base coming back for more.  As the demand for healthy eating options continues to grow, investing in restaurant system is a smart way to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Moreover, accommodating customers with alternative diets is easier than you might think. By making small changes to your menu, you can easily create healthy, delicious, and appealing dishes that will satisfy even the most health-conscious diners. So if you are looking to stay ahead of the curve, offer healthier options at your restaurant. Your customers will thank you for it. In this blog, I will cover five simple menu and food preparation improvements that make your dishes healthier. Let us go:

Present Dinner Portions the Size of Lunches

People may even want to enjoy a night out on the town and family or take a cheat day even though they are attempting to eat healthier. Offer meals in lesser, lunch-size servings and at lower costs to enable clients order their favorite items without overindulging in calories and money.

For instance, by just halving the serving sizes, you may turn a 700-calorie feast of grilled salmon, a packed baked potato, & steamed veggies into a lunch-sized meal with fewer calories. Additionally, serving smaller quantities helps your restaurant cut down on food waste, which benefits both your guests and your business.

Symbols to Indicate Healthy Menu Options to Customers

Use symbols to show your customers healthy menu options and update these on your online restaurant management system. Many restaurants offer healthier alternatives all the time without making their menu any longer than it already is. However, if you are thinking about adding then have an idea here:

  • Leaf: A leaf depicts a variety of foods, including pasta meals, sandwiches, wraps, and salads
  • V: A “V” indicates vegetarian cuisine
  • Grain: A grain depicts subs and sandwiches
  • Zigzag: Crab cakes, fish, meats, & poultry can all be broiled rather than deep-fried or cooked in butter, as indicated by the zigzag symbol inside an oven
  • Vegetable: A vegetable demonstrates that you can prepare some dishes with organic products
  • Sugar-free: Symbolizing the absence of sugar in desserts and beverages

Create a Healthy Digital Menu with HiMenus Restaurant System

Display Calorie Counts On Your Restaurant Management Software

Beginning to count calories is a common strategy used by some people to try to reduce weight and eat healthier. Showing these statistics directly on the menu management system will encourage customers to input their data more quickly since so many diet applications demand users to track their caloric intake.

Additionally, the FDA has mandated that the majority of chain restaurants and comparable retail food companies make their customers’ access to this nutritional information public. As a result, many clients would anticipate that you would provide the calorie information.

Make Substitutions for Healthy Ingredients

As any health-conscious individual knows, it is important to watch what you eat. However, just because you are trying to eat healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice taste. There are plenty of ways to make your favorite dishes healthier without changing the flavor or breaking the bank. For example, making dish, you can substitute olive oil for butter, use low-fat milk instead of whole milk, and choose leaner cuts of meat.

Alternatively, if you are presenting out, clients can order grilled instead of fried items, dressings on the side, and skip the bread basket. By making simple changes like these, you can offer folks favorite foods without any hassle. In addition, you should highlight these amazing healthy techniques on your site, app, or restaurant management software, where people reach out.

Offer Leaner Meat Cuts

When it comes to meat, there is no denying that guests love their options. However, as a chef, you have the opportunity to offer carnivores a protein option that is both delicious and lean. By cooking with leaner cuts of meat, you can cut out half the amount of fat and calories, allowing guests to stick to their diets.

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When planning your meat entrees and daily specials, be sure to consider some of the following tips: offer steaks with sirloin or round in the title, since these tend to have lower fat contents than rib eyes; use ground beef that is at least 83% lean. Take the skin off chicken and fish; serve light meat instead of dark meat whenever possible; cook lean cuts of meat in a healthy way. For example, boil or grill your meat. By following these tips, you can ensure that your customers are getting a delicious and healthy meal.



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