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Do Ear Wax Candles Work?

Do Ear Wax Candles Work?

Blockages in the ear can be caused by many reasons however one thing all share is the discomfort they cause. From itching and pain, to loss of hearing or feelings of imbalance A blocked ear can be a nightmare. However, before you reach for an easy fix for the issue Our experts offer tips on a popular home solution.

The ear wax candle has been gaining popularity as a popular home solution that claims to utilize the heat to suction Ear wax out of the canal of the ear. Like the name suggests, the candle’s one end is placed inside the ear and the other side is lit. While lying on your back the candle is believed to remove earwax and other debris from your canal of the ear, and then store it inside the hollow interior that.

Contrary to their claims Ear candles may create more harm than positive. We’ll guide you through the potential dangers with ear candling and other safe and effective options to eliminate the ear wax.

Why Are Ear Candles So Bad?

They Can Cause Burns

The ears and face are the most sensitive regions of the body. They can be very vulnerable to burns. Even though Ear Candle Waxing has an ear-safety plate that can be used to collect the wax, they’re usually fragile. They are made of foil or cardboard and typically only a few centimeters wide these trays aren’t the most reliable method of collecting the wax from a candle before it drips down the skin.

They Can Cause Further Blockage

Any object that is inserted into your ear is a bad idea whenever it is possible. This is particularly the case with candles for the ear. Injecting ear wax candles into the canal of your ear, specifically in a deep enough place to keep it in place, can make earwax move further down the canal. This could result in more blockage, and worsening symptoms of discomfort and pain.

In extreme cases candles can enlarge the earwax up to an extent that surgery might be necessary to cure it.

They Can Damage Ear Drum

Beyond the possibility of causing more blockage by inserting a small candle in the ear canal could be a risk of damaging the eardrum. The added danger of hot wax drips creating an unwise mix to ensure the safety of the delicate ears.

A perforated or ruptured eardrum could cause hearing loss and an increased risk of contracting infections. It can also be very painful.

They Don’t Work

The dangers mentioned above overshadow any benefit these candles offer. Indeed, numerous studies have not provided any conclusive evidence that the candles are able to remove away ear debris. In some cases studies, they have even observed an increase in the amount of wax because of the deposits of candle wax.

You May Not Need to Clear Your Ears

If it’s not creating an obstruction or discomfort, ear wax is best left to its own devices. It’s a healthy and natural part of the ear’s working. It helps keep the ears lubricated and secure as well as preventing dirt and dust from escaping too far into the ear.

Additionally, the ear is equipped with self-cleaning mechanisms that control the elimination of ear wax via the ear canal, and then to the outside of the ear.

They Should Never Be Used on Children

The use of ear wax candles is not recommended. Be used on children since the risks are significantly increased. In the first place, the ear canals of children are smaller than those of an adult and consequently more susceptible to obstructions. Another factor is the fact that kids frequently wander around throughout treatment, increasing possibility of injury through drips of wax or burning.

Softening Drops

If you’re looking for an easy solution to remove the earwax from your ears, take down the ear wax candle and instead, pick up an earwax softening drops. They can be employed if there isn’t any injury to the eardrum; they’re a more secure alternative to ear candles.

They aren’t invasive and help to soften and break down accumulation of wax. Softening drops are available at the local chemical store. We suggest buying an olive oil that is chemist-grade kind or Ear Clear, when it’s available.

Micro Suction

For safe, reliable, and efficient extraction of wax from the ears hand-tightening using the use of a professional-grade micro suction device is the most effective alternative.

Holistic Health’ team of trained nurses uses tiny instruments, as well as gentle suctions to take the ear canal of wax without harming the canal wall or the eardrum. The procedure usually will provide immediate relief from ear blockage symptoms and the nurses educate patients on ways to prevent blockages from occurring in the future.

If you’re looking for an effective, non-invasive method to get rid of the ear wax, get in touch with Holistic Health to book an appointment now.


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