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Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods used by Professionals

Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods used by Professionals

Cleaning is a crucial aspect of our daily lives. Not many people know that when the carpet remains dirty can be a health hazard, particularly for those with respiration-related health issues. Simple carpet cleaning in Conyers, Georgia, is not so effective in cleaning the carpet dirt, dust, and allergens. Therefore, you must get a professional carpet cleaning service to deep clean.

Professional carpet cleaners use several methods to make your rugs and carpets fresh and clean are mentioned below.

Hot Water Extraction

The hot extraction carpet cleaning process is also known as steam cleaning, and this is a frequently used method to clean rugs and carpets. A machine forces hot water into the carpet and then sucks it out along with all the dirt and dust. The hot water loosens debris and dirt from carpet fibers leaving it warm and quick to dry. Water injected into the carpet with the help of pressure techniques is scorching hot, effectively reducing the dirt. The machines that are used here clear the dampness and dust instantly. If the carpet is heavily filthy, it may need soap solution as an added measure. With hot water extraction, you can clean the carpet and exterminate the odors and kill germs.


Shampooing is one of the oldest and most effective methods to clean your carpets. The cleaners will pour carpet-friendly cleaning solutions on the carpet surface, and the brush of the machine will be used to clean the whole carpet. The solution is left for a few minutes to dry; when enough dried up, the solution becomes frail and consequentially detaches itself from carpet fibers. The dried solution is then removed by using a pressurized vacuum cleaner.

Encapsulation Cleaning

Initially, the carpet is vacuumed before the encapsulating chemical is applied in this cleaning method.

A rotary agitation machine is then placed on a carpet, allowing the chemical solution to absorb and segregate the dirt on the carpet. The resulting product is vacuumed away. The low-moisture system makes this cleaning method fast and with minimum lost time. Carpets can, therefore, be put back into use promptly. This is a popular maintenance-cleaning process for commercial use, ideal for maintaining the surface of high foot traffic carpet in good condition.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is an easy process of cleaning carpet without the involvement of water. The professionals at dry carpet cleaning services companies in Georgia sprinkle the carpet area with an absorbent solution and then spread it through the carpet area using a brush. This solution dissolves dirt from the fiber core, which is drawn out of the carpet using a high-power vacuum cleaner. With this process of carpet cleaning, you don’t have to wait too long for the carpet to dry, and it is an effective cleaning solution for rugs and carpets fabricated with natural fibers.

Professional carpet cleaning is essential to prolong the life and maintain the appearance of your carpet while keeping your home atmosphere dirt free which is specifically important if you have kids and pets at home.


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