Home Business Everything You Need To Know About Bubble Tea Business

Everything You Need To Know About Bubble Tea Business

Everything You Need To Know About Bubble Tea Business

Bubble tea, also known as boba, is a beverage made with tea, milk, and tapioca balls. There are numerous flavours and styles to choose from. And the beverage is well-known for being particularly shareable in social media photos.

Though bubble tea has grown in popularity in Australia over the last decade or so, it originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. The industry is now worth nearly $2.5 billion globally. And it is expected to continue growing significantly over the next decade.

Bubble tea may be the ideal business opportunity for you if you want to capitalise on a growing global trend. If you don’t want to start your own brand from scratch, there are plenty of boba tea franchise opportunities to consider.

These businesses enable entrepreneurs to leverage an established brand while benefiting from tried-and-true systems and processes. However, you will retain the ability to build your own location and manage your own team. It’s essentially a way to speed up the process of opening your own bubble tea shop.

If owning a bubble tea franchise sounds like the ideal business for you, here’s some points you need to look into:

What does it take to start a bubble tea business?

The majority of bubble tea franchises range between $75,000 and $500,000. Larger locations, particularly those in densely populated areas, are likely to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. Kiosks and stores in shopping malls or airports are typically less expensive to establish. The majority of them can get started for between $125,000 and $200,000. Bubble tea is the best side hustle business.

Is it profitable to own a bubble tea shop?

The profitability of owning a bubble tea shop is determined by the market. You’re more likely to earn enough to cover your expenses if you live in a trendy or affluent neighbourhood. The industry is continuing to expand. In this market, it is certainly possible to build a profitable business.

How much money can you make if you own a bubble tea shop?

The amount you can earn with a bubble tea shop is determined by the size of your store. Locations, prices, and costs all play a significant role. Many stores, however, charge $3 or more per serving. Furthermore, materials can be purchased for $0.75 or less. If you sell 500 products per day, you could earn more than $30,000 per month before expenses.

How do I go about starting a bubble tea business?

You must first scout locations before starting your own bubble tea business. Find something in an upscale or touristy area that is easily accessible by foot. A well-known downtown location would be ideal. Then you must obtain the necessary equipment and supplies. Blenders, stoves, tea shakers, cups, straws, tea ingredients, and tapioca pearls are all included. You must also meet any licencing and inspection requirements in your area.

A logo, branding, menu, and price list are all necessary for business planning. Consider how you’ll market to customers and how many products you believe you’ll be able to sell each day in order to turn a profit. Hire and train a team to make all of the drinks on your menu before you open.

Most of these steps will be laid out for you if you choose to start your own business through a franchise rather than from scratch.

What am I going to need to open a boba shop?

You must first choose a location. This should be a retail storefront with enough room for your equipment, countertops, sinks, employees, and a small customer area. A stove will most likely be required for brewing tea and making tapioca pearls. Tea shakers and blenders are also good options for speciality beverages.

You’ll need a large number of cups, lids, straws, and napkins on hand. If you sell other items, such as hot beverages or snacks, you’ll need specialised containers for those as well. Stock up on tea powders in various flavours, creamers, sweeteners, different teas, milks, water, and tapioca pearls. Best option is to take a bubble tea franchise businesses in cairns


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