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Five Best Car Video Channels on YouTube 2022

Five Best Car Video Channels on YouTube 2022

YouTube is currently the second-largest search engine worldwide. It’s second only behind Google which has it as a subsidiary. Some predict that this website hosting video could one day take over the television networks’ programming completely.

YouTube has a plethora of channels that are its own, similar to your TV. Only difference is the shows and videos on YouTube channels aren’t scheduled to air at a specific time. Instead, they are uploaded to YouTube’s playlist. YouTube channel’s playlist to watch at any time.

Every single industry is getting into the YouTube game and that includes the automotive industry. The channel has thousands offering millions of videos on any automotive subject you could imagine. trend is the most popular auto YouTube channel. YouTube with more than 4 million users. Here is an overview of 1 hundred top watched auto channels available that are available on YouTube.

We’d like to present 5 of our YouTube channels.


Petrolicious is among the most interesting classic car blog sites on the Internet therefore it makes sense to have a slick YouTube channel. They concentrate on European classics, such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes and Porsche.

Petrolicious produces high-quality original content, videos and articles for car lovers who love classics. They are a celebration of the inventions of the people, the styles, and the designs of vehicles that ignite interest in all of us. Petrolicious is owned by a husband-and-wife team who hail from across the pond. When asked by their wife what was their most favorite road to driveon, she responded “Traveling up the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur.” It appears that she has a fondness to California and we also have an appreciation for their professionally produced video channel.

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My Vintage Car is an ongoing TV show that celebrates singapore fascination with classic vehicles and trucks. Dennis Gage and his handlebar mustache will take you on the journey! My Classic Car is currently broadcasting through Velocity.

You can now catch most of the fright from their YouTube channel. There are also plenty of YouTube videos by their MCC Garage with tips, tricks , and tips on how to restore and maintain classic cars.

Jay Leno’s Garage

Since Jay has quit late night television, he’s got lots of free time to spend. Lucky for us, he’s making weekly new videos for his YouTube classic car channel. Jay Leno’s Garage has been made into an Emmy-winning TV show.

Jay Leno gives car reviews review of motorcycles, gives reviews on cars also compares cars and shares his enthusiasm and knowledge of anything that is powered by an engine and is able to be driven. The YouTube channel is a great resource for the entire spectrum of cars from vintage to to supercars, restomods and everything between. We particularly like his Car Restoration videos along with his tips and tricks.


Hagerty might be the largest insurance provider for classic cars however, it’s also the ultimate source for everything classic. The YouTube channel of Hagerty is filled with fascinating stories about great automobiles and people who are passionate about them, the most up-to-date information in collector car prices as well as market developments, as well as all the eye-catching as well as roaring engines and nostalgic that you could ever want.

They provide complete seasons of Barn Find Hunter and other video series. They also have a variety of “How To” videos, rides on vehicles as well as other events that are all about classic vehicles and trucks.


With over 2 million users This is a must-see YouTube channel. The Drive channel has content for all kinds of automotive enthusiast. While they don’t concentrate on vintage automobiles, you’re likely to find a good amount of videos that showcase hot rods, muscle cars and antiques.


Also, you will see the most recent test drives, both in and out of the track. There’s also a fair amount of celebrities appearing on their channels. Most of them are car-related personalities such as Keanu Reeves Adam Corrola and even Jay Leno making a few appearances before returning to his channel. Car enthusiasts are united and that’s why this channel effective.


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