Home Camera Film Golden rules for effective home tutoring:

Golden rules for effective home tutoring:

Golden rules for effective home tutoring:

Patience is required.

What you think is obvious or straightforward to you may not be to your student. Learn to keep your irritation from coming through in your voice and body language.

Always act in a professional manner

Information concerning your student must be kept confidential, except for discussing your student with SSS personnel and/or faculty.

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Be open to sharing your personal experiences

The kid may feel glad that he is not alone if you share information about your experiences related to home tutoring.

Sharing experiences and lessons learned can help to establish trust and support. It also contributes to the growth of the student’s self-esteem.

Be a team player

The interaction between the Home tutor and the student should be considered a collaboration.

You are not there to fill in for the instructor. Make it plain to the student that you are there to assist her in improving her academic performance in both the classroom and on her own.

Teach the scholar the way to examine on his or her own

Your ultimate goal as a home tutor is to assist the student in becoming an autonomous learner.

Have faith in yourself

You were picked because you possess attributes that make you a good home tutor and role model. On the other side, confidence necessitates the courage to admit when you don’t know the answer.

You’ll have to do your homework if you tell your student the truth. And then carry it out. Knowing you’re not perfect may make her feel better.

Make the most of the resources at your disposal.

The SSS team is available to assist you. Please let us know if there are any issues with the tutoring relationship or your student’s performance.



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