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Hormonal Disorder in Birds


Avian Diabetes Mellitus

Hormonal Disorder in Birds. Birds can develop hormonal disorders that cause blood levels to fluctuate.

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Types and Symptoms

Glands can be affected by diseases that affect their hormone secretion abilities. Diabetes Mellitus is a common glandular disease in birds. blue birds in michigan Diabetes Mellitus is characterized by the following symptoms:

A gland injury can cause a decrease in hormone secretion, or an increase. This alters the blood level of the hormone.

However, gland cancers and tumors can cause hormone secretion to change or be completely different. Testicular cancer, for example, can cause testicular cells to secrete female hormones which in turn leads to male characteristics. Male characteristics can be caused by cancer of the pituitary or ovary glands.

Diabetes mellitus is a hormonal disorder that affects birds who are overweight and have problems with their reproductive organs and the pancreas. This medical condition is when the pancreas produces less insulin or more glucose. It can also increase the amount of sugar in the bird’s body (glucose).


Birds are diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus in the same way as humans. It is possible to do a simple glucose test and also check for insulin or glucagon levels.


Insulin is used to treat Diabetes Mellitus. It corrects blood sugar levels for a brief period. Insulin can either be administered by injection, mouth or by drinking water. The water method allows birds to regulate their insulin levels.

The bird’s thirst will decrease once insulin has taken effect. two birds on a wire meaning This will result in a decrease in water consumption and regulate insulin levels.


Some birds have temporary hormonal disorders such as Diabetes Mellitus. Regular medication is necessary for birds suffering from permanent Diabetes Mellitus.


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