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How to draw Christmas ornaments

How to draw Christmas ornaments

How to draw Christmas ornaments

Learn to draw excellent Christmas ornaments with drawing ideas easily and step by step and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a magnificent drawing of Christmas ornaments. Christmas ornaments are decorations that are usually used to decorate a Christmas tree. They can be made of various materials, including glass, wood, clay, and metal. Relatives often pass decorations from one age to another. Where does the tradition of Christmas ornaments come from? The Christmas tree can be attributed to ancient Egypt, China, and other regions, where persistent leaf trees symbolize eternal life.


These trees were loved in ancient Europe, and the houses and barns were decorated with persistent leaf branches to try to scare evil spirits. The trees were often decorated, or the gifts were left for the benefit of the spirits. In medieval Germany, this tradition was mixed with Christian symbolism. On December 24, “Paradise” was installed in Casas. A tree hanging from apples represents the trees in the garden of Eden. Later, cookies, candles, figures, and stars were used to decorate the tree. This tradition has concluded great popularity in the nineteenth century after the British royal family included a fir decorated in its Christmas celebrations.


Drawing Christmas ornaments

Step 1:

Start drawing a long curved line. It will form the chain that the ornaments hang.

Step 2:

From the chain, extend a straight line down. Draw a small rounded shape at the end, forming the arch of the arch. A curved line encloses an irregular rounded shape on each side, finishing the arch. Extend two short lines by the arc. Connect them by drawing a circle to complete their ornament.

Step 3:

Draw another straight line by the chain. Draw a set of parallel lines in the form of “u” and connect them with a curved line. Extend two short lines down from each end of this line and connect, drawing a perfect circle. It completes your second ornament.

Step 4:

Decorate your ornaments. Band one with curved lines and mark the other with peas. Use curved lines to draw a united arc on the ornament.

Step 5:

Extend another straight line by the chain. At the end of the line, draw a small circle with a large circle underneath. Draw an arc attached to the chain on the ornament.

Step 6:

Draw a small circle that rides the chain, erasing the directives if necessary. Under the circle, use curved lines to draw a five-point star shape. Banda has the highest point base with two curved lines to create the appearance of a Santa Claus hat.

Step 7:

Decorate your ornaments. Draw a smiling face in the star and join your points with curved lines. Band the Round Adorno with two curved lines. Draw another curved line at the bottom, ending with a small shaded circle. It gives the appearance of a bell.

Step 8:

Extend a straight line down the chain. Curved lines enclose a rounded “L” shape, forming a background. Use a curved line to pull the upper part, the foot, and the lower heel. Then use additional curved lines to form scratch.

Step 9:

How to draw Christmas ornaments

Lock a small rounded triangle and a small rectangle underneath. Under the rectangle, sketch a sequence of small rings. Finally, two curved lines enclose the round and acute ornament shape. Decorate it using curved lines.

Step 10:

How to draw Christmas ornaments

Color your ornaments. Christmas ornaments are often bright colors.

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