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How to Improve Office Lighting in Your Company Premises


A lot of people are unaware of the effects that light has in our bodies, however the fact is that humans are highly sensitive to light. It’s light and darkness that establishes our Circadian rhythms, as well as determines the body’s clock. This is the reason the reason why office lighting is demonstrated to have an impact on the productivity of employees. If you believe that the lighting in your office is negatively affecting productivity, there are a variety of ways to make the lighting better.

  • If you don’t have energy-saving lighting in your office, be sure your design the lighting system that makes use of CFL LED, CFL and other technologies. They could reduce your cost of energy.
  • If you have a workplace that has fluorescent lights that flicker Be aware that this could cause epileptic seizures.
  • Be aware that different jobs require different levels of lighting to ensure efficiency and alertness. For instance, the minimum light needed for computer workstations is 50 feet-candles. Complex tasks require more sophisticated lighting to ensure work can be done in a safe manner.
  • It is important to note that age and sight can affect the lighting requirements as well. Many people over the age of 70 require at least 70 foot-candles in order to function correctly.
  • A good lighting design is an issue of ergonomics. It requires the use with indirect overhead light adjustable task lighting and natural light in the right proportions, to provide safe and comfortable working conditions.
  • The shade that your light emits (warm or cold) is another element which contributes to a safety and health of your lighting in the workplace design.

How to Be Sure Your Lighting Works

In many instances commercial building lighting design was designed several years and even decades back and there’s a high chance the commercial space you own is utilized differently than it was in the past. It’s best to consult both an electrician and a specialist in lighting to create an electrical and lighting plan for bringing your property back to bright light.

An experienced lighting designer will examine and evaluate the lighting within your home and offer suggestions for bringing it up to the standard. Likewise, your electrician might need to upgrade the electrical system, add fixtures or outlets, or shift them around.

Why You Need to Make These Changes

As previously mentioned lighting is essential to productivity and wakefulness at your commercial or office facility. It could even affect customers’ purchasing preferences! It’s also a safety and security issue, but the lighting at your workplace isn’t up to par especially where intricate or risky tasks are executed, you may end up getting hot water.

If you believe that your lighting is in need of some extra power, speak to your electrician for commercial work first. They could be able adapt to your current installation to improve the quality of lighting you currently have. It also will be less costly. If you’re in need of an expert, they’ll be able to advise you about the possibility of hiring one, and suggest a great one.



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