Home Business How to troubleshoot Norton’s antivirus installation error?

How to troubleshoot Norton’s antivirus installation error?

How to troubleshoot Norton’s antivirus installation error?

Whenever we talk about security programs, Norton antivirus is always the first name that appears in everyone’s mind. Norton offers various security programs and tools to the users. These plans are available for various devices. You can select antivirus programs according to the device specifications. This application also provides good internet security. It is a reliable software and has a very low system impact. But some people still face issues with Norton antivirus. One common problem is installation. Many people reported that Norton is showing an error while installing its setup.

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Reasons behind Norton antivirus installation error

  1. Norton setup is incompatible with your device
  2. Some Norton setup files are corrupted
  3. You have another security program
  4. Junk is corrupting the Norton installation process
  5. Low free-hard disk space
  6. OS is outdated
  7. A malicious program is interrupting Norton’s setup

Troubleshooting Norton antivirus installation error

Restart your computer

When the Norton antivirus shows an installation error, you should immediately check for runtime issues. Your device can get into a runtime error due to any reason. But the runtime error gets resolved by restarting the system. Go to the computer and close the Norton setup. Now close all the running applications. Click on the Start button and tap on Restart. After restarting the device, go to the downloads folder. Click on Norton setup and you will get a permission wizard. Click on the Confirm button and your Norton setup will start installing on the device. If the Norton setup is still not installed on the device, check for other solutions.

Purchase a compatible Norton antivirus setup

If Norton antivirus is showing an error, check for its resource requirements. Your application will install only when it is compatible with the device. Many times, the user purchases the setup without checking the resource requirements. Now check the setup whether it is compatible or not. If your setup is not compatible then cancel it and get your refund.

  1. Open a web browser and go to Norton’s website
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Enter the Username and Password
  4. Go to your Norton antivirus account
  5. Tap on Profile and click on Subscription
  6. You will see your Norton plan
  7. Tap on the Cancel button
  8. You will get a wizard on the screen
  9. Choose the Get a refund option
  10. Select a reason to cancel your Norton setup

Tap on the OK button and the plan will be canceled. You will get an email related to Norton’s cancellation and refund. Once you receive the refund, purchase a compatible Norton setup for your computer. Install the setup and scan your device.

Re-download the Norton setup

You can get the Norton installation-related problems when the downloaded setup is corrupted. When the user downloads the setup, the files may not download correctly. It usually occurs when the internet is not stable.

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The downloads setup for the application gets corrupted and it starts showing installation errors. To fix the error, you need another setup. Again visit the Norton setup link and download it. Now try to install your new setup.

Check for another security program

Don’t use multiple security programs on a single device. They will start conflicting with each other. When your Norton setup is showing an error, check for another security program on the PC. People often forget to uninstall free or expired applications from the device. Open the Apps folder and check the list of installed applications. If you see any other security application; click on it and select the Uninstall button. Also, remove all the files related to that application. Now you need to restart the computer before installing Norton antivirus.

Check for the junk on your device

Applications can show installation issues if the device has accumulated lots of junk. This junk is not malicious but can interrupt the processes. You should clean the junk from the device often. When you get the installation error, check for the PC junk. You should try removing the temporary files. These files often interrupt processes and applications. Go to the run bar; type %temp% and hit the Enter button. The temporary files folder will appear on the desktop. Select all the files and delete them. After cleaning the temp files, check for other junk on the system. If you are using a Windows device, use a junk cleaner tool. Your PC offers an inbuilt tool to clean the junk. Go to your computer and open the run bar. Type cleanmgr and run this tool. This inbuilt utility tool of Windows will start inspecting for all the junk on the PC. You will get a list of items to delete. Mark the checkboxes and tap on the OK button. Those files will be removed from the device. Now restart the PC and retry to install your Norton antivirus setup.

Increase the free hard-disk space

Your application requires hard-disk space to install on the device. The downloaded setup takes less space but the installation requires more hard-disk space. You have to increase the free hard-disk space on the computer. Add SSD on your computer and now install your Avast setup. If you don’t have an SSD, move some of your data to an external hard disk. Otherwise, you have to delete data from the device. Start checking for heavy files like movies, videos, etc. Remove those big files and you will get enough space for installing the Norton setup.

Uninstall malicious applications

Check for the applications that are causing problems to the device. Go to the Apps folder and check for apps that you don’t remember installing. Sometimes you click on some link and malicious applications install automatically. Remove all those applications from the computer. Now check for the OS update. Install the latest update of your OS and then restart the device. Try to install your Norton application setup. In case is still showing errors then you should ask for professional help.

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