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Important Advice for Preparing for Exams after 12th Grade

Important Advice for Preparing for Exams after 12th Grade
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Every student hopes to pursue a profession in a promising field. However, the preponderance of these promising fields has difficult paths that not everyone can navigate. Entrance examinations and competitive exams are names for these difficult trials. Competitive examinations are those that allow an applicant to gain a job in the relevant industry, whilst entrance exams are those exams that allow a student to get admission to a college or institute. Well, nowadays, people interchangeably use them.

Once a candidate completes their 12th grade, they can begin to compete for these entrance or competitive exams. Although students begin studying for courses like engineering, MBBS, BDS, etc., as early as Class 9, a student is only qualified to take the relevant exams after completing their 12th year. It demonstrates how committed and disciplined one must be to pass such exams. Here, you will get the information about such exams. For entry into the various engineering programmes offered at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology, SRMJEEE is held twice a year. To apply for admission into any of the SRM Institutes’ branches, which are located in Kattankulathur, Sikkim, Ramapuram, Haryana, NCR-Ghaziabad, Amravati, and other locations, aspirants must pass the SRMJEEE entrance test. Three phases of the SRMJEEE are held around the nation. Candidates have the option of participating in one, two, or all three phases of the test.

Students today have a variety of conventional and unconventional employment opportunities once they graduate from Class 12. For admission to their ideal UG programme at top-tier colleges offering courses for the next era, students can sit for entrance tests after completing their 12th grade. After completing Class 12, there are a lot of opportunities to join higher studies for which people can take competitive exams.

Undoubtedly, a candidate’s success is dependent on their efforts, but embracing the following advice can aid in improving preparation. Students of Vellore, Chennai, AP, and Bhopal campuses can take the entrance exam for admission to VIT through VITEEE online test. Candidates must pass the online exam, which comprises subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, and English aptitude. One of the most esteemed engineering admission exams in India is the Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination. It was created by the Tamil Nadu government to offer an equitable, effective, and transparent admissions procedure. The Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination is a university-level engineering entrance exam that is administered nationally. Students who want to study engineering at one of India’s top technical universities benefit from the VITEEE.

How to Improve Your Entrance Preparation

  • Make sure you qualify

Before beginning your preparation for an entrance or competitive exam, confirm that you are eligible to take it. Verify your physical attributes, age, and educational qualifications, among other things.

  • Learn your syllabus

The next step after determining your exam eligibility is to thoroughly familiarise yourself with the exam’s syllabus.

  • Make a study schedule

Planning is a crucial component of exam preparation for any type of exam. Assign the same amount of time to each subject or area for the exam preparation, taking into account the time allotted (including for revision and practice tests). Create a weekly schedule and try to focus on a different section of the curriculum each week.

  • Consult quality study resources

You must gather quality study materials for the exam after learning about the syllabus. Ask your teachers, friends, or elderly citizens for advice regarding the finest reference books for the exam you’re taking. You can also search online.

  • Mock tests for practice

After finishing the course material, practise the questions from prior years’ exams and take as many practice exams as you can. It will not only assist you in improving your speed and performance but also serve as an effective revision tool.

  • Plan your strategy sufficiently

When studying for an entrance/competitive exam as opposed to a board exam, a student needs to completely alter their preparation technique. This is primarily due to the objective nature of the majority of exams. Therefore, these exams need a slight shift in test-taking strategy. So, make appropriate plans for your exam preparation.

  • Enhance your weak points

You will be able to determine the section and area of the paper you need to improve on after completing numerous sample papers. Schedule more time to work on your syllabus’s weak areas.

Keeping your nerves under control during the exam and keeping these suggestions in mind can help you pass any entrance or competitive exams you take. By following the above tips, you can easily clear the KEAM without any difficulty. The Commission of Admission Examination conducts the state-level entrance exam known as the Kerala Engineering, Agricultural, and Medical Admission Exam, or KEAM (CEE). This is for students looking to enrol in engineering and architecture programmes provided by several public and private colleges in Kerala. KEAM, which is administered in two sessions, is one of the most important state-level entrance tests. Once a year, the exam is conducted.



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