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Instagram Marketing Statistics and facts about Instagram user behavior

Instagram Marketing Statistics and facts about Instagram user behavior

Instagram has over 1.47 billion users.

In 2012, Instagram was only 15 million users. A few years later, the number of users began to grow exponentially, with an average increase of around 100 million per year. Buy Instagram Followers UK

According to Instagram marketing statistics, the most important milestone was reached in June 2018. The platform had one billion users. Click Here

This made it an indispensable marketing tool. According to the December 2021 report, Instagram has reached 2 billion monthly users.

More than half a million Instagram accounts are active each day

Over 500 million Instagram users watch stories daily, which is quite interesting. The report feature allows you to capture and share moments for 24 hours. https://superviral.uk/

After that, they disappear. Text, photos, and videos can all be shared as stories. You have the option to add music, stickers, GIFs, and more details.

More than half of Instagram users today are young adults

According to the distribution of users on Instagram by age, it is most popular among people between 18 and 34. According to Instagram marketing statistics, the group makes up 61.9%.

The younger generation prefers Snapchat and TikTok, but Snapchat is most popular with young adults (18-24). This makes Snapchat 39% of all US Snapchat users. TikTok is most popular among teens (ages 10-19), making up 25% of US TikTok users.

Only half of Instagram users are men

According to the latest data, there is a balance between male and female users. According to Instagram demographics, male users account for 50.7% of the platform’s total audience as of January 2022. The remaining 49.3% were female users.

More than 133 million Instagram users reside in the US.

The US Instagram user base stands at 133 800,000. Nearly 40% of Americans use Instagram, which is a vital channel for social media marketers. Instagram statistics show that female Instagram users have a more significant share of the US market than global, with 57.3% of US-based users.

Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes daily on the site

Marketers are highly interested in the evolution of social media usage. The average time spent on social media is 2 hours 27 mins worldwide. This means that more than half the world’s population can reach you daily through social ads. According to the latest Instagram ads statistics, your brand can be noticed by more than 1.4 billion people every day for an average of 53 minutes.

There are more than ten hashtags per average post.

Although Twitter created hashtags, they are also essential for Instagram. Hashtags focus on communities and people who share similar interests. This can help marketers expand their reach significantly.

According to the latest analysis, 10.74 hashtags were used per post. This is based on more than 81 million posts. However, half of the posts analyzed had less than six hashtags.

Every second, Instagram uploads over 1,100 photos.

It is a popular platform, with over 1,100 photos uploaded each second. Data from May 2022 shows that this number has risen to more than 1,100.

In 2020, Instagram had more than half a million downloads

According to Instagram marketing statistics, the platform is ranked fourth worldwide with 503,000,000 unique downloads. Only data for the US places it at the third spot, with 62,000,000 downloads.

TikTok is the #1 social network worldwide and in America. This is not surprising since TikTok, the fastest growing social network, outranks Instagram in this category.

Instagram is the third most used platform by US teens.

It was the most used platform for sharing photos and videos among teens in America during 2014-2015 when it reached its peak.

Snapchat quickly took the lead. It still ranks first with 35% of users, and 22% say Instagram is still their favorite. TikTok ranks second (30%) but will soon surpass Snapchat.

Social media is the preferred method for millennials to discover fashion trends.

According to Instagram marketing statistics, 57% of millennials discover fashion trends through the photo-sharing platform. Impulse purchases are when decisions are made based on content from social media.

According to Instagram demographics statistics, 82% of millennials would purchase a product the first time they saw it if they liked it enough. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Over 80% want to purchase from brands that reflect their values

Marketers should prioritize millennials’ needs and expectations as they are increasingly spending power-hungry. According to stats, 83% of millennials want to purchase from brands aligned with their values if your brand targets them through Instagram advertising.

Instead of promoting products/services, use Instagram to share your beliefs and communicate your values. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Important Instagram Advertising Stats

In 2020, the average CPC for Instagram feed ads was $3.35

Instagram ads generate revenue. CPC is a calculation of the impressions per ad. The median cost for Instagram feed ads was $3.35 in Q1 2020. CPC was 118% higher than Q4 2019, reflecting the platform’s popularity. Buy Instagram Followers UK

In 2020, Instagram’s median CPM was $7.68 for an Instagram feed ad

Cost per thousand, or cost per mile, is another important metric in social advertising. It is the cost advertisers pay to display their ad 1000 times.

According to Instagram statistics, the median cost for Instagram newsfeed ads was $7.68 in Q1 2020. This is a 12% increase over Q4 2019.15. In 2020, the average CTR of an Instagram feed ad was 0.22%. Buy Instagram Followers UK

CTR is the ratio of the number of users who click on the ad to visit the targeted page to how many impressions they have received. Since Q2 2019, the median CTR was 0.88%. The Q3 decline was slight, at 0.04%. Q4 saw a decrease of 0.44%.

In 2020, the median CPC for Instagram Stories was $1.83

This research also points to relevant Instagram statistics that businesses can use, which have analyzed over 30 million impressions of Instagram stories. The median CPC was $1.83 in Q1 2020. This is a decrease of $0.01 from Q4 2019. The YoY growth (Q1 2019 vs. Q1 2020 was 23%.

In 2020, the median CPM of Instagram stories was $6.25

Data from Q1 2020 shows a YoY rise of 53%. The median CPM was $4.08 during the same period in 2019. It dropped to $3.91 in Q2, then rose to $6.85 in Q3 2019, and continued to grow over the next quarter. We now have a median of $7.95 for Q4 2019, which dropped 21% to $6.25 for Q1 2020.

In 2020, the median CTR of Instagram stories was 0.333%.

Stories can have significant differences from news feed posts. Stories are the best for CTR. The YoY increase in Instagram stories was 27%. However, the most recent drop was 20% on a quarterly base. https://www.camerafilmroll.com/


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