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Installing Water Heater Straps Because Safety Is The Priority


It’s always better to be prepared than sorry. No matter how much we want to avoid accidents, they are inevitable. The best we can do is prepare ourselves in the best way possible for whatever may come towards us.

That’s the primary reasoning behind health, car, and family insurance cover that we get for ourselves and our family. However, there is a lot more most of us don’t think about often. For instance, Installing Water heater straps, especially if you are a resident of Los Angeles.

Earthquakes in California are not new. It is one of the most earthquake-prone states. Therefore, the government has imposed several codes for the public that everyone must follow in order to be in compliance.

Most of the time, the earthquake is likely to damage the property. The fatalities and injuries occur indirectly. Those who live in the earthquake-prone area are constantly urged to anchor the huge objects in homes and offices that could fall and create life-threatening conditions during an earthquake. One such object is the water heater.

A standard water heater weighs approximately 450 to 500 pounds when full, making it highly unstable if shaken. If it falls during an earthquake, the heater’s pilot frame can ignite a fire that rapidly spreads and destroys the surrounding structure.

Due to the frequent occurrences of earthquakes in California, the state law has made Installing Water heater straps in Los Angeles mandatory. This law applies to all homes and buildings. California has even passed a law requiring strapping all existing and new water heaters as per state compliance during a property sale.

This post will discuss what water heater straps are. The reasoning behind their installation. So let’s begin!

What are water heater straps?

As the name suggests, these straps are designed to prevent your water heater from moving back and forth during an earthquake. These are often made of strong metal or heave clothing, similar to a seat belt. These straps are installed in pairs to ensure optimum support.

The reasoning behind Installing Water heater straps in Los Angeles

While doing the aftermath of the Northridge earthquake in 1994, officials found 110 fires across the affected region that water haters caused. It happened because some water heaters were not appropriately strapped while the others were not strapped at all. Experts found that the fire occurred because:

  • People made use of low-quality strapping material.
  • Improper installation. The straps were installed at the wrong location on the heater.
  • Installation of an insufficient number of straps.
  • No installation of straps.

An improperly secured water heater can break the gas line and cause a gas leak, resulting in fire and other health risks. It can also damage the water line and cause flooding. Not to mention the injuries it can cause if you are nearby when one tumbles on the floor. Hence, Installing Water heater straps are well worth the investment.

The overall standards of LA city for installing water heater straps include:

  • Whether gas or electric, all water heaters need to be strapped.
  • Dual straps are compulsory and must be installed at the lower and upper third of the
  • water heater.
  • The straps must be fastened on surrounding walls in reverse directions.

The straps must encompass the heater’s body completely.

  • Straps should be attached to studs on the walls using lag bolts 3 inches in length and have diameters of 1/4

A professional can help you Install Water heater straps in Los Angeles as per state code while ensuring your water heater doesn’t move even an inch during an earthquake.

Worth Noting

Installing Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures in California is also vital. California has a law for residential and commercial property owners to install Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures in California if the property was built before 1994. Consider how often the shower, faucet, dishwasher, or clothes washer runs, and don’t forget about gallons of water wasted in each toilet flush. Therefore, the state requires property owners to replace their plumbing fixtures with water-conserving fixtures.

In addition, when selling a house, you must alert the buyer when plumbing fixtures don’t comply with the law.


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