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Is CBD packaging durable? State 6 factors to prove it

Is CBD packaging durable? State 6 factors to prove it

CBD products are becoming popular to release stress and gain several health benefits. Meanwhile, people prefer buying these items from a professional firm that cares about providing buyers with the best experience. CBD packaging comes handily for all brands dealing in such products to inspire buyers. Information printed over them using modern offset or digital printers catches buyers’ attention because of the high-resolution print result. Moreover, other options like logo embossing, foiling, die-cutting, and foiling add more value to cannabis items. Firms can improve customer experience with creative sleeve style or any desired unboxing method and get more sales.

There are several cannabis items with different consumption methods. But, the sensitivity of these products is a common issue of all these products. All items like hemp oil, CBD lotion, and vaping products need protection. CBD Packaging is a marvelous option to offer premium safety to these products. This packaging is highly sturdy in nature and eliminates all types of threats to items with their sturdiness. These 6 factors will prove the extreme durability of these boxes and convince you about their ability to keep products safe.

CBD packaging is made with double-layer cardboard:

Experts count cannabis boxes as the most durable packaging solution to protect fragile CBD items. The reason behind this is the layering process of the cardboard applied during the production process. Cardboard comes in various flute levels. Firms can use either to make the packaging walls thick and stable. This packaging usually comes with double-layer cardboard. Two fluted sheets of cardboard are sandwiched between liners. It provides extra strength to boxes to resist any type of impact. Firms even have the freedom of choosing triple wall cardboard for premium safety. No one can deny the level of sturdiness a box offers with such a mechanism of the layering system.

Durability authentication in a lab environment:

Another way to prove that cannabis packaging is highly durable is verification by packaging firms in this regard. Innovative firms always test the packaging from every aspect in a lab environment. The durability of the box is examined by passing it from the possible threats in real life. Usually, a real product goes inside the box and dropped from height to check the ability to protect items in such cases. Also, firms perform the edge crush and puncture resistance tests. It enables them to know how the box tackles in case of a collision with sharp edges. Some other tests performed in this regard are checking the heat steal integrity and tensile tests.

Manufactured using blended recycled and fresh material:

The quality of material used in the production of this box is mainly liable for its durability. Custom cannabis boxes are risk-free and considered safe for fragile cannabis items. The reason behind it is that you would never see a compromise over the quality of cardboard or bux board. Firms use a mix of recycled packaging and fresh wood pulp. Packaging material loses strength every time it is recycled. It is why firms mix fresh wood pulp for the tensile fibers that could show extra resistance. It will show no resistance against environmental and physical harmful factors upon recycling the same material again and again. Usually, 40 percent of fresh wood pulp is mixed to offer high durability. Hence, items stay safe under harsh circumstances.

Effective against shocks with cardboard placeholders:

Products often remain under threat, even in the case of the most durable boxes. Cannabis items often come in glass or plastic jars. Thus, they are prone to face damage during shipping. But, the cannabis boxes could even survive through the most uncertain shipping roots. It is because of the support given by the placeholders. These cardboard placeholders limit the free movement of items when shipped in bulk in a single box. Hence, the collision chances are less, which keeps items safe. On the other hand, these dividers also support the walls of a box to tackle the external factors. Dividers or inserts placed inside make these boxes shockproof. Buyers feel pleasured on getting their desired products in a perfect state.

Lasts longer by strong resistance against humidity:

Moisture is a big factor that weakens the walls of packaging. It passes deep down the material and makes it weak from inside. Hence, a box is unable to stay shelved in the same earlier state. It starts bending from different angles. Yet, cannabis packaging has the ability to fight moist environments. The layering system of cardboard sheets becomes a helpful source in this regard. Moreover, the lavish coatings over the surface of these boxes also resist moisture. Usually, the gloss and matte coatings are applied over the surface after passing through the printing process. These coatings make these boxes waterproof to resist the severe changing environmental conditions. Hence, the sturdiness of cardboard material lasts longer. It also raises the shelf life of cannabis items.

Lifts more weight and bears high pressure:

Another aspect that shows the durability of custom cannabis boxes is their weight carrying ability. They can lift more weight than their capacity and still stay perfect. Also, this ability keeps them safe during stacking in warehouses or shipping means. The use of fresh material maintains the flexibility of these boxes that stays safe under high pressure. Usually, a compression test helps to know this ability. Materials like bux board also enable bearing high pressure because of the thickness of walls. Hence, a firm can ship multiple cannabis items and regarding supplies in a single box. Meanwhile, there would be no threat to the inside items facing damage.

All these factors prove that CBD packaging is highly durable and safe for flimsy items. It tackles all types of physical, environmental, and biological factors. Hence, a brand becomes able to hold a public reputation by shipping items safely. Even buyers can use these boxes for a longer duration after making a purchase to put items back when not in use.

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