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Java vs Python: Overview And Key Difference

Java vs Python: Overview And Key Difference

Java and Python are the two most popular and widely used programming languages. Both languages are general-purpose, high-level, and more robust programming languages. At present, developers widely use Java programming language to develop desktop and web applications. Whereas, the use of Python programming language to develop data science and machine learning applications. In addition, there are many differences between these two programming languages. In this blog, we will discuss Python Assignment Help and The difference between Java vs Python in detail.

Furthermore, Java and Python are popular and recommended for different reasons and both provide high-paying jobs to students.

Well, multiple factors make them different from each other, and they work for various purposes.

Overview of Java

Java is one of the most powerful and extensively used programming languages ​​in the world. This language is also known as dynamically typed general-purpose language.

In addition, this language runs on 3 billion devices worldwide. It is the most popular object-oriented programming language. Java language stood out in the year 1995 by Sun Microsystems.

Well, it is compatible with every operating system such as Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows, Google’s Android OS, Linux Operating System, and more. Java language uses Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to run programs on any platform.

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Overview of Python

Python is one of the most robust object-oriented programming languages in the world. It is one of the most popular programming languages because it provides a mixture of functionality to its users. This language was developed in the year 1985 by Guido Van Rossum at the research institute in the Netherlands.

Basically, you can use the Python language to develop multiple programs such as language development, machine learning applications, operating system, games, and many more.

Java vs Python: Key Difference

There are some key differences between both the programming languages ​​Java and Python, which are as follows.


Java is a statically-typed programming language that makes compilation easier in comparison to the Python language. The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) speeds up the execution of code with JIT. The benefit of JIT is that it converts bytecode to native machine code more quickly.

On the other hand, the Python programming language is considered to be a very slow language in the world. This language is also slower than C and C++. Python is the language interpreter in itself, so it analyzes the data on the run that makes it slow. 

Standard library

It is important to know the standard library in the difference between Java vs Python. Java programming language offers libraries but according to the developer’s specific needs.

Whereas, the Python programming language offers a very large complex standard library. Libraries save the effort of the programmer and also save time. In addition to these, developers have the option to choose from more than 130,000 libraries that can be selected for different purposes. Python packages include image processing, text processing, web and testing frameworks, etc.

However, the Python programming language is rich in libraries in comparison to the Java language.

Code readability

The code should always be in readable format so that other programmers can easily understand the code. That’s why both Java vs Python insist on code readability format.

Many developers use Python language to keep code concise and keep away additional code that makes the application maintenance easy.

Whereas in Java, developers have extra time and multiple efforts to develop applications. Because the new version of Java language comes with some extra features which simplify development by structuring software applications with models.


In 2008, a survey conducted by Stack Overflow revealed that Python programming is the fastest language after C++ language.

The Java language is still above the Python programming language, being popular with 45% of the developers. Whereas Python language is at 39%.


It is also important to know about the syntax in the difference between Java vs Python programming language. Syntax in Python programming language is simple and easy to learn.

Whereas the syntax in Java is complex, large, and difficult to remember.

Learning curve

Learning the Java language is quite complex as compared to Python programming language. The reason for this is that Java follows a difficult syntax and pattern to write syntax. If you have written any syntax wrong then your program will not run.

But if you start learning an object-oriented programming language from the beginning then Java programming language is a good option. Java language has community support where you can get in touch with other developers, and those developers will help to solve your questions.

Job opportunities

Java and Python programming languages provide a lot of job opportunities and career options to programmers.

Java languages offer multiple job opportunities such as Java Developer, Data Analyst, Game Developer, IoT Engineer, and many more.

On the other hand, Python offers Product Manager, Data Analyst, Python Developer, Data Scientist, and Financial Advisor.


Above we have mentioned an in-depth comparison of Java vs Python programming languages. Hope you have understood the difference between these two from this blog.

In addition, if we talk about a career, then Python programming language is much better than Java because it is compatible with future technologies

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