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Jungle rise Buggy Tour Tips – Things to Know before You Go


Wear the Goggles and Bandana

As recently expressed in the main Dune Buggy Adventure audit post, wear your goggles and handkerchief. It doesn’t make any difference how geeky you assume you look when the residue begins flying you will love to have them.

We began driving on the roads of Playa del Carmen, and for that part, you don’t require them (except if your eyes are touchy to twist), yet soon enough we were off on back roads, on our way into the Mayan wilderness.

Wear Clothes That You Don’t Mind Getting Dirty

Residue or mud, contingent upon the circumstance, will be on everything, and I mean all that you bring into the dune buggy. So kindly bring nothing that isn’t water or residue verification.

As expressed above, we passed through each mud puddle conceivable, and we were soaked when we got to the cenote. All that in my pack was wet, however fortunately it wasn’t whatever would be impacted by water.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

This is nature individuals, no cleared ways with handrails to cling to. You are journeying across the wilderness, which incorporates a lot of limestone’s (which are sharp), tree roots, lopsided ground, and a couple of steep grades.

My proposal would be old rec center shoes, although I had water shoes which filled in also. I can’t envision exploring the wilderness in back-peddles, since, supposing that they get wet on the way, they will slide around on your feet, which will make it extremely challenging to walk.

Eat a Good food and Bring a Snack

This visit incorporates a tidbit; nonetheless, if you are like me, swimming makes me extra eager.

We were on the visit for a fair measure of time before we halted to nibble. There were bananas and baked goods, extremely delectable, yet light. From that point, we took off into the underground cavern.

Bunch picture in a cavern

The aides equipped us with protective caps with headlamps, water shoes, and a daily existence coat if you need it.

We dropped into the cavern underneath, which was extremely invigorating! Once more, words can’t communicate the excellence of this sinkhole. What’s more, this is a genuine sinkhole, with tapered rocks and stalagmites, a couple of bats zooming around, and simply everything marvelous about a cavern, in addition to an underground waterway.


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