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Labwork – Medical Diagnostic Testing Lab in Houston, USA

Labwork is an approved medical diagnostic testing laboratory offering several types of tests in Houston, USA. The specimens for these lab tests are drawn at the laboratory or collected by visiting the living place of the person. At Labwork, the accuracy of testing is guaranteed as experienced professionals carry out every procedure involved in the testing process. Moreover, we make use of the latest technologies and equipment to ensure efficient testing and reliable results. We sterilize and clean the lab equipment for carrying out the diagnostic tests, and follow all other safety guidelines too. 

At Labwork, you will find many different diagnostic tests. The various panels offer tests for cardiovascular health, diabetes, STDs, allergies, drug abuse, Men’s Health Panel, Women’s Health Panel, hormonal disorders, biological relations verification, and viral and bacterial infections. We make sure to make diagnostic testing very feasible for you. 

In addition to the tests included in the routine health exam, further tests are also required to keep your health in check. These tests also successfully assess the risk of many diseases. Several diseases, including the STDs, may not show any discernible symptoms. Therefore quality diagnostic testing services prevent many diseases from happening by enabling the patient to seek the right treatment. 

COVID-19 Testing at Labwork, Houston

Labwork is also taking practical measures to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic. To this end, we are offering free COVID-19 tests, very frequently during the weekends and on the public holidays too. We provide all three COVID-19 tests, the RT-PCR test and the rapid antigen test for diagnosis, and the antibody test for testing the effectiveness of the vaccination. The most accurate test for COVID-19 diagnosis is the RT-PCR test, whereas the rapid antigen test delivers results in only 15 minutes. The RT-PCR test is more time-consuming and costly than the rapid antigen test, but its results are more accurate. So, the rapid antigen test is mostly used for large-scale testing or quick delivery of results.

Generally, medical diagnosis requires results from multiple tests, and not just one test. 

We provide free guidance about all the diagnostic tests. To have such a consultation, contact us on our helpline or visit our website labwork360.com. At lab work 360 website, you will find many diagnostic tests from various categories. 

Labwork Near Me

Labwork’s centers are located only in the Houston area. So, you can order a sample collection at your home only if you live in Houston, USA.

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