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Precautions To Be Observed When Using A Business Trip To Gangnam

Precautions To Be Observed When Using A Business Trip To Gangnam

Hit Business Trip Shop, which has been providing a good Gangnam business trip massage service to customers who have been living in Gangnam for a long time, would like to inform you by making basic precautions that customers should follow while using business trip massage. Because of the few unconscionable customers or customers who have lived without knowing the basic manners, uncomfortable and difficult situations are created in operating the company, which are causing damage to customers. We are asking you to keep it.

We would like to inform you that customers who are trying to use the Gangnam business trip, but they drink too much and are not able to provide their desired needs through consultation, or who cannot accurately convey the location of the customer, cannot use the business trip service. .

We would like to inform you that if there are customers who use abusive language that puts shame on managers or all employees at the company, or customers who commit physical harm, we will unconditionally black out and take strong measures prepared by the company.

We are telling you that if you are caught filming or recording a hidden camera or recording without the consent of the managers, it will create an unfortunate situation. I’ll tell you.

I would like to inform you that the bosses of other companies sometimes visit or use them for the purpose of scouting, but they politely decline the bosses or managers of other companies for the purpose of scouting.

We would like to inform you that customers who continue to make unreasonable requests or act forcibly despite their clear dislike of it are subject to black processing. .

There are customers who continuously cause damage to the company, such as prank calls, frequent cancellations, and missing location information.

As for the precautions, I would like to express my thanks very much if you think that it is a basic framework that customers must follow while using the Gangnam Business Trip Massage. If you have read it, you may think that it is basic courtesy and etiquette, but we apologize in advance to our customers, knowing that it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant because each person accepts differently.

Areas Where Gangnam Business Trip Massage Is Available

We would like to inform our customers that you can easily and quickly make a reservation for Gangnam Business Trip Massage with just one phone call, and let you know that we are making great efforts to quickly move to your location at any time. However, please be advised that there may be some delays in situations that cannot be predicted by humans, such as accidents or natural disasters.

All the events offered by Hit 출장안마 Shop may not be unconventional events to our customers, but we would like to inform you that we are providing events that can be kept. If there are customers who want a special event when using the company at any time, we would like to inform you that it is ok to contact us at any time as long as it is realistically possible.

We advise customers to read the event and discount events provided to customers and use the Gangnam Business Trip Massage more efficiently by receiving a discount even for a small amount. We are pleased to inform you that we will provide it for you to see. We would like to inform you once again that duplicate events are not possible at this time.


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