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Requirments for psssport renewal?


Passport is an irreplaceable document that you need to carry when traveling abroad. In general, these documents have a specific validity of 10 years, after that you need to re -apply your passport.

Writing the following with everything you need to know when you come to publish an Indian passport. This must also help you identify the difference between re -issued and passport updates.

What is the passport renewal?

Passport’s return flight refers to such examples where passport holders need a new booklet.¬† In addition, the passport renewal can be needed in various circumstances, which we have described later in the article.

When is the passport renewal needed?

  • Your passport validity will end in the next 3 years or have expired.

  • Your existing passport has suffered considerable damage, or if it has been defective.

  • All pages in your existing booklet.

  • You need to enforce changes in certain details, such as the date of birth, name, address of residence, and others.

  • If you put your passport wrong, passport renewal is needed. You need to send a copy of FIR with re -applications in such cases.

  • You also have to re -apply for passport renewal if you have expired at least 3 years ago.

  • If you face one of the situations mentioned above, understanding the process of publishing a passport is very important.

What documents are needed for passport renewal?

Along with the reissuance form, you must send the following re -passport document to start the process 


  • Evidence of age

  • Proof of housing address

  • Proof of identity

  • 2 Photos of Passport Size from the Petitioner

  • Photocopy as evidenced from the first and last page of your existing passport booklet

  • Existing original booklet

  • Receipt of the Application Appointment or the last page of the online application page. This page is considered proof of payment of the application fee and the schedule for the promise.


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