Home Business Self-Defense Is A Need Today; Learn These Simple Self-Defense Techniques

Self-Defense Is A Need Today; Learn These Simple Self-Defense Techniques

Self-Defense Is A Need Today; Learn These Simple Self-Defense Techniques

With the hype on street crimes and the burglary rate in the world, the awareness about self-defense has also amplified. People today cannot think to ensure their survival without learning these self-defense techniques. Especially, if you work late at night and had irregular working hours schedules. This article is for those people who struggle to know about the latest self-defense techniques and wish to master them.


Construct your verbal defense boundaries

Avoiding fights is always the best thing one can do. Your tongue is the strongest muscle of your body that has the power to either make you present yourself either submissive or strong and bold. Whenever, you feel someone has the intention to harm you, use your verbal defense high to present yourself as a confident and strong person. Your verbal guards will restrain your enemy from attacking you in the first place.


Learn Japanese martial art

In case, your enemy is strong in physical strength and would attack you no matter what, you must learn some martial art self-defense tactics. Martial art bjj (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) has its root in japan. It is a form of martial art that monks learned to fight bare-handedly. An art that is rooted in one-on-one fighting which is achieved by joining locks, strikes, and chokes. Today parents send their children, especially, girls to learn this martial art by paying high fees. They wish to make their children strong, independent, and confident with the feeling of being able to protect themselves. Boys also learn this art but for girls, it has done wonders. Take martial art classes to learn Japanese techniques of knocking out your foe without any weapon in no time.

Use the element of surprise

Avoiding confrontation, especially, when you are clear about the strengths of your opponent is always wise to avoid confrontation. Use the element of surprise and dodge your foe in such a way that he falls prey to your tactic. A sudden attack will not give your enemy to respond in time and will give your time to hit theirs under the belly. Beat him up when he is not ready. This tactic allows a lean feeble person to win over a strong muscular man.


Stay calm and composed

Staying calm and composed is the key to surviving an emergency. When you panic your brain ceases to function properly and so do your muscles and body organs. Staying calm and forming a strategy in your mind is the first thing your need to do. This will not only confuse your enemy but will also let you understand what your opponent is thinking about. Knowing your enemy his strategies and moves is the first victory you will have over him.


Indeed, learning self-defense is the need of the hour. It will not only make you confident about yourself but will make you feel liberated and strong. Practice self-defense techniques with your friends to train your nerves and make them stronger than they


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