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Shopify Themes 2.0 – What’s Changed and how will it help you

Shopify Themes 2.0 –  What’s Changed and how will it help you

All Shopify merchants, there was some great announcements at the Shopify Unite on what’s at the very least, according to us the most efficient shop system around the globe. 

In this blog post However, we would like to give more details about the changes made to Shopify Themes. Shopify themes 2.0 and, more importantly the benefits that these new features can bring to you.

Theme editor has been improved.

The most significant innovation of Shopify Online Store 2.0 is the ease of working using themes editor. The content of the page can be displayed in hierarchical order as well as blocks that can be removed.

Flexible sections to fit the layout of your store

At one time, it was possible to be able to design your start page using Sections and Blocks. Additionally there was a limit to the amount of blocks that you could use was restricted. If you needed more customization in other web pages a number of methods, code modifications, or even individual apps were needed.

The old ways of doing things are gone since today’s the sections are able to be utilized to create a flexible layout on any page . They function similarly to section dynamic on home pages we are familiar with. It’s just been extended to all other. It is easy to save the settings that you’ve created on a particular page for each section in a template file. For instance, you can create templates for category or product pages as well as blog pages. When you first install you will be able to set the default appearance of sections as well as their order. If you choose to add the template then you are able to include additional sections in the editor of the theme.

Add meta fields with no having any programming experience

In Shopify Online Store 2.0 it is now possible to utilize the meta fields for anything that can’t be added using the Shop Editor. It is possible to upload different E-commerce information, like size charts and other products, and media files to your pages for products. The past was when apps was required to maintain and create meta fields. However, it is no longer needed.

Integration of apps into the storefront

Prior to this update very difficult to integrate apps into the storefront. The process was complicated and the functions couldn’t be utilized across themes.

There are also themes app extensions. Apps can be easily added to themes via app blocks or embeddings . As an example an app could enhance a website by adding exciting features. To determine what apps would be suitable for your store You can look up for the apps available on the Online Store 2.0.

New reference theme

The last but not least is a brand new theme named “Dawn” which is 35% more efficient over “Debut” and is a replacement for it. It also combines the latest features and offers outstanding performance across all browsers. It also ensures the maximum flexibility for your system as well as minimal complexity. You can download it through the recently reopened Shopify Theme Store.


It turns out that Shopify Online Store 2.0 offers an entire reorganization of the design and architecture of themes that makes using the Shopify store system much simpler for you as an Shopify merchant Zonas Online Shopping. Additionally, the new features available to developers such as ours provide a variety of opportunities to develop themes and apps.

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