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Singing lessons – Are singing exercises really important?


“I never do vocal exercises. It’s for opera singers, not someone who sings rock and roll.” Son, I’ve heard this before… many times. I just said: Anyone who wants to be a good singer is making a STILL mistake if they aren’t working with vocal exercises and breathing techniques.

Singing is a unique combination of complex physical activities and creative ideas,

Along with dance, gymnastics, tennis, and many other performing arts and sports. The fact that most singers do not involve their entire body in intense, difficult movements does not mean that such activity does not exist in their bodies. The golfer works the arms, legs, spine, balance, hands… These are the muscles and body parts that contribute to the golfer’s success.

The singer performs vocal cords, diaphragm, abdominal muscles, ribs, throat, tongue, etc., which contributed to the success of her interpretations. Educates. The best golfers and singers practice and train these body parts, but this training is not the same as playing games or 풀싸롱 . These are the results of previous training.

When an athlete trains and trains,

He isolates each part and works over and over again. Hit lots of balls with each of the driver, pitcher and other clubs. He practices working in sand traps and waterholes. She hits many balls at different distances from the green. Isolation from any potential situation is key to playing a good game of golf.

The great singer isolates every part of his “game”. This includes song scales in many keys. Weights train problem areas, songs do not. How can a song isolate a particular problem when the notes of a song are ubiquitous? High and low, high and soft, high and low, breathable and powerful, never stick to a problem long enough to solve and heal it.

Teachers who sing well work with exercises as well as with songs. They have a proven program designed to develop and enhance all areas of singing as isolated and separate tracks. good teacher or a well-recorded singing lesson and get started. It just takes a little time each week.


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