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Sparring Gloves and Heavy Bag Punching

Sparring Gloves and Heavy Bag Punching

You get to the gym, put on some gloves, and start punching a bag. You feel great. You didn’t have to move your furniture and you can punch at your full strength! However, your workout buddies tell you that it seems like your custom boxing glove is not appropriate for heavy bag training. How is this possible? Do sparring gloves offer any utility over regular training gloves? What’s the difference between sparring gloves and training gloves anyway? Let’s find out!

Difference between sparring gloves and punching bag gloves 

When you start taking boxing and Muay Thai, one thing you need is gloves. Gloves are obviously necessary to protect your hands. When you spar, it lessens the damage done to your hands. 

As you continue, your hands get tougher and harder. There’s also a difference between sparring gloves and heavy bag gloves. Sparring gloves are pretty self-explanatory. They’re used for practice with other people or animals, like in an actual fight or practice fight. These gloves aren’t supposed to hurt either person’s hand but still protect them adequately enough from heavy bag gloves.

Have a look at the following features to get a better understanding of Sparring gloves:


Sparring gloves are considered the second type of training glove that was made for martial artists. The difference between sparring gloves and training gloves lies in the protection that they offer to your partner during your training sessions. 

Training gloves have less padding, which is used to hit the speed bag or double-end bag with more power and velocity. Sparring gloves, on the other hand, have more padding and are heavier to protect your partner’s face and skull during sparring sessions.


Sparring gloves are a hybrid between bag gloves and ring gloves. They are heavier than regular boxing gloves which allows you to work on your technique and timing while sparring with another person. But like ring gloves, they are too small for the bag and too light to head-bang or kick.


Sparring gloves are the bigger and somewhat longer brother of training gloves. They are much closer to a regular boxing glove in size, but differ from training gloves in many aspects like, for instance, additional wrist support. 

The best heavy bag gloves on the market are those that are designed to be used for other combat sports such as boxing and Muay Thai, which means you will also be able to use them for practicing skills like headbutts, elbowing, knees and kicks.


Sparring gloves are designed to protect your hands and wrists when you’re hitting a partner or a heavy bag. They’re padded with extra protection, and the padding is thicker than in regular boxing gloves. Heavy bag gloves offer less protection.


Sparring gloves are used for pad work, whereas heavy bag gloves are used for hitting a punching bag. How do they differ? Sparring gloves offer more padding and protection, which makes them ideal for practicing your technique.

Heavy bag gloves are used for working on speed, rather than power. This allows you to practice your technique without having to worry about hurting either the heavy bag or your hands.

Using Sparring gloves on a heavy bag is not recommended! 

When people use sparring gloves on a heavy bag, they should be aware that the padding in the gloves is designed to protect their hands and fingers. The heavy bag, on the other hand, is well padded. Using sparring gloves on a heavy bag can quickly lead to hand fatigue and injury.

If you use custom boxing gloves on the heavy bag, it is best to keep an eye out for wear and tear on the leather so that you can replace them before they become too old and ineffective.

The padding on sparring gloves is designed to help protect your knuckles and fingers when you hit a heavy bag. When you do so, the bag compresses the padding, which absorbs most of the force from the blow.

By using sparring gloves on a heavy bag, the padding becomes hard and less effective for sparring. This means that when you punch your partner during a match, they will take more damage.

It’s smart to invest in a good pair of boxing gloves since they’re specifically designed for heavy bag work.

Buy boxing gloves in the right size for a heavy bag 

When hitting a heavy bag, 12-ounce and 14-ounce boxing gloves are ideal. The 12-ounce gloves will provide you with a sparring-like feel, but the 14-ounce gloves will protect your hands and knuckles better than their lighter counterparts.

A 10-ounce glove is the best choice for heavy bag workouts because it allows you to punch faster and harder than with other gloves. This will help you train for powerful and hard hitting boxing matches. 

You can get custom boxing gloves from Fight Gear Custom where you can get gloves in every size and reasonable price. Their custom boxing gloves price are starting from as low as $100 you can buy boxing gloves and other custom boxing equipment easily from them. 

In order to get the most out of your heavy bag workout, it is important to use the right type of custom boxing gloves. Different types of gloves are designed for different purposes, so make sure to choose the correct boxing gloves’ weight and size for the type of training you plan to do. And don’t forget to take care of your gloves so they last longer!


  • Should you wear gloves when hitting a heavy bag?

Beginners should always use both wraps and gloves when hitting the bag in order to protect their hands and wrists.

  • Can you use MMA sparring gloves on a bag?

 As the popularity of mixed martial arts grows, so does the number of people who train in other disciplines. Many of these people are often unsure whether they can use MMA gloves on a heavy bag. The answer is yes, it’s fine to use MMA gloves on a heavy bag.


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