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Contesting a speeding ticket lawyer nassau county

Contesting a speeding ticket lawyer nassau county

Contesting a speeding ticket lawyer nassau county really starts with the moment you are pulled over. It’s to your advantage to always be kind and courteous to the officer since that’s the person you will end up going against in the court room in most jurisdictions.

Your speedometer is not working properly.

This defense is bittersweet. You can get out of the speeding ticket, but will most likely get one for your vehicle not operating properly. If the cop’s reading of your speed is significantly different than your speedometer, then get your speedometer checked. Bring the findings that it’s broken to court and your ticket will most likely be dropped.

speeding ticket lawyer nassau county

Blocked, missing, or malfunctioning speed limit sign

Sometimes after storms or over time speed limit signs can be blocked. School zones that have flashing lights might be malfunctioning. You can get pulled over and given a ticket for these things. Do your best to get a photo and present your case to the court.

Cop’s equipment not up to the calibrated standards.

Most jurisdictions require the cop to get their radar, speedometers, and other equipment calibrated every few months. Ask for these documents in court. If they aren’t up to date, you should win.

Clean mistake on the ticket that shows you can’t be guilty.

One myth is that any mistake on the ticket means you get it thrown out. In reality this isn’t true. But some mistakes like the wrong road being written down on the ticket may get the ticket thrown out. For example, the road that’s written on the ticket might have a higher speed limit than the recorded speed, so there is a technically no violation to be charged with.

Cop did not maintain proper line of sight.

After getting your speed, a cop needs to maintain line of sight with your vehicle else there is a chance they pull over the wrong car. If a cop didn’t not do this, you can argue that the officer might have the wrong vehicle. At times you are the wrong vehicle that was unfortunately pulled over.


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