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Sports Showcase Practical Keys Professional Journalist Paperback March 1

Sports Showcase Practical Keys Professional Journalist Paperback March 1
Equipment for producing television programs and broadcasting.

As a result of a mix of passions such as journalism or Journalist, teaching, and football, this book is intended for those who want to explore a unique and interesting world. To learn how to talk about an event, you must first understand it.

 There are some basic tools for this

Who is supposed to be right to take this first step? After receiving the first stage, the process of externalization begins: developing an understandable message so that the recipient understands the nature of the event, its causes, and consequences, and removes personal or personal thoughts. World Health Organization. Analysis of the good. Biography of the Author

A journalist specializing in football and sports commentator

He was born in 1974 in Madrid, Spain. He lives in Mar del Plata, where he studied sports journalism at Deport. There he worked for La Capital and LU6 Atlántico. He currently works as a football commentator, presenter and panelist for DirecTV 스포츠중계. On television, he starred in the Footboy introduction, Noisier Central Fox. He is also a member of Tick Sports, TNT Sports, Channel 13, Channel 7 and America TV.

 On the radio, he joins the radio crew

National (national team with Horace Garcia Blanco and Juan Carlos Morales) and La Red (De Unary con Nimrod with Fernando Nimrod, Dodos con McKay with Enrique Macadam Marquez, Arrau first class with Marcelo Arioso, good times with Mariano Clods, a Martin). Liberia). He is also a columnist for The Juicer with Ari Paunch and One in the Morning with Freddie Villarreal. He has covered events such as the Olympics, World Championships for juniors and seniors, South American Qualifiers, Copan Americana, Copan Sudamericana and Copan Liberators’. He teaches courses and seminars on storytelling and commentary.

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