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The Knockin Mouse: How to Make Your Own Stem Cells

The Knockin Mouse: How to Make Your Own Stem Cells

Although stem cells have been used to treat numerous ailments and conditions, they’re still difficult to produce in large quantities. One of the most efficient ways to make stem cells in a lab is by using a transgenic knockin mouse. In this article, you’ll learn how this technique works and the steps necessary to create your own lab-produced stem cell line!

What is a Knockin Mouse?

Knockin mice are mice that have been selectively bred to develop a mutation in their maturation gene, which causes their ears to start to grow before their tail does. This results in the mouse having an “ear-knocker” phenotype, which can be easily identified by ear size and shape. Knockin mice have become a popular model for studying stem cells, as they are easy to maintain, reproduce naturally, and develop tumors normally.

Applications of Knockin Mouse

The knockin mouse has also provided scientists with the opportunity to study stem cells in unprecedented detail. Knockin mice are genetically engineered so that their stem cells can be easily killed or disabled. When these stem cells are injected into healthy mice, they often cause tumors to form. By studying how tumors form in knockin mice and then destroying the stem cells that caused them, scientists can learn a great deal about how cancer begins and grows.

Features and Benefits of the Knockin Mouse

The knockin mouse is a device that allows users to create their own stem cells. This machine uses sound waves to encourage the growth of stem cells, which can then be used in medical procedures or research. There are several benefits to using this device, including the ability to create stem cells without any risk of infection. Additionally, the knockin mouse is cost-effective, making it an ideal option for researchers and medical professionals.


Stem cells are important for many different reasons, not least of which is the ability to regenerate damaged or diseased tissues in the body. If you want to study how tumors grow, to identify new cancer treatments, and to learn more about the genetic roots of cancer, do not hesitate to choose the knockin mouse.



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