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The Most Powerful Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins

The Most Powerful Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins

Among the most potent weapons in Black Ops 3, the PPSH and the Ray Gun Mark 2 are among the most popular. These weapons are the most effective for taking down enemies and are worth building for the ammo and damage they offer. Besides, they can only be found in Origins, meaning you cannot upgrade them by getting them from mystery boxes or pack-a-punch. But they are still worth building and are an excellent choice for any player who wants to increase their damage and ammo.

Ray Gun Mark 2

The Ray Gun Mark II is a new variant of the Ray Gun available in Mystery Boxes found in the Buried Zombies Map. Unlike the original Ray Gun, the Mark II is not limited to the Zombies map. The Ray Gun has a low chance of being obtained in the Mystery Box and is, therefore, less valuable than the original. However, it is significantly more challenging to get than the original.

Another weapon that is quite strong in Black Ops 3 Origins is the MP40 submachine gun. It has a very high fire rate, making it very effective for earning points. It is also possible to upgrade its ammo for increased damage. This weapon is the most effective choice for a first-person shooter, as it is highly accurate. This weapon is also good at dealing damage to zombies and will kill them quickly.


One of the new Wonder Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins is the Wunderwaffe DG-2. This weapon was created by Doctor Edward Richtofen and is one of the most potent weapons in the game. It is powered by a powerful electric current and can kill up to 10 zombies in a single shot. This weapon is an excellent choice for killing zombie hordes and dealing with large numbers of enemies. However, it does have some drawbacks.

The Wunderwaffe DG-2 uses three-tesla power tubes to increase the voltage of the gun and its damage. These tubes are installed in the gun’s breech, and the player has to replace them by pulling a lever to light the power cells. A full reload will take six seconds without Speed Cola and three seconds with it. The DG-2 can be upgraded to the DG-3 variant, which increases its damage and is the most potent weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins.

Ice staff code

Among the best weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins is the Ice Staff code. This weapon can freeze entire hoards of zombies in a single shot. To get the Ice Staff, you need to find three parts: a black disc, a coloured disc, and a gramophone. Obtaining these parts can take some time, so patience is essential. Once you’ve found all three components, you can use them to make an Ice Staff.

While the staff itself has a lot of benefits, the ice effect is what makes it stand out. A single shot can effectively kill zombies with the Ice Staff, and its storm effect can be devastating. The staff’s single bullet can kill panzer and zombies, which is excellent against robot RNG. The downside of the team, however, is its limited ammo. However, this weapon is a must-have if you plan to use it in high-level rounds.


While the PPSH is not the most potent weapon in the game, it is the fastest to reload. If you’re looking to get rid of zombies quickly, the PPSH is the way to go. Its high rate of fire and short fill time make it an excellent choice for killing zombies. However, the downside is that it cannot be bought with ammo, so it’s not a good choice for solo play.

The PPSH is one of the fastest and most effective weapons in Black Ops 3. It has a high rate of fire, and it is a great weapon to use in group situations. Its large bullet spread makes it perfect for dealing with multiple targets. It can also be upgraded to fire faster and have better accuracy, so it’s an excellent option for a group of people.


The KN-44 is a powerful assault rifle that can be purchased off the wall in Black Ops 3 Chronicles maps. It deals a high amount of damage with headshots and has a reasonable rate of fire. It also has a high speed of reloading and can be upgraded to a higher rate of fire upgrades. This gun is best for racking up points and killing zombies.

While the KN-44 is the most powerful weapon you can use in Black Ops 3 Origins, there are several other weapons you can equip in this game. You can also upgrade your existing weapons to the KN-44. It can fire a 76mm round of shells. It is also possible to buy and equip a new magazine in Black Ops 3 Origins.


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