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The Role of the Rigid Box in Luxury Packaging

The Role of the Rigid Box in Luxury Packaging

Premium rigid boxes are some of the most widely used and sought-after boxes in the luxury packaging industry.

Concrete tables differ from other tables in a number of important ways, especially material thickness, opening/closing experience and construction methods. Rigid boxes are four to five times thicker than boxes and test holes compared to corrugated boxes. There are many options.

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In addition, the toppers are printed on paper, which is then wrapped around the outer plate. This paper can be used on the outside of the box as well as on the inside, giving brands more options to display important messages and graphics inside the box.

Rigid boxes also offer a structural advantage over custom product packaging, making it so popular in the luxury industries of cosmetics, consumer electronics, wine and spirits and many others that more sophisticated packaging solutions are needed.

The rigid box consists of two main components, the main component of the wooden panel that acts as the main structural part of the box and the housing around the box that would serve as the transmitter of the fire messages. After determining the dimensions of the box, a large plank is cut and glued to create a 3D structure or “skeleton” of the box.

When the board for the die is cut, a few small holes are drilled to secure the magnet to the box to keep the magnet closed in the box. Adding a magnetic closure to luxury packaging is a common practice to make the packaging feel more luxurious while adding a level of security to the box.

Another important element of the steel case is the envelope; The cover is the thinnest and most flexible paper cut to the board size. After the cladding is cut, it is placed and glued to the plate. Packaging is the visual and tactile customization of luxury packaging. The paperback is then cut into individual pieces and applied inside and outside the rigid box so that no chipboard is visible.

A good manufacturer will also design the paper sleeve so that when the product is displayed in stores, the fold lines and edges of the paper are not visible. In addition, a paperback is a place for key design motifs and finishes, giving rigid boxes a custom look that is luxurious and unique.

Another advantage of the rigid box is that it offers a number of luxuries such as magnetic closure, stamping and embossing, direct painting, foil stamping and other great printing techniques. Like many other aspects of the packaging industry, these practices are constantly evolving and changing to meet growing consumer and brand demand.

Solid boxes can generally be divided into two categories: nested and articulated. Both have subcategories.


A strong telescopic box is characterized by the lid and head interaction. The top covers the package and is different from the bottom, usually found in chocolate boxes. Sometimes, the seal between the lid and the box is filled enough to make room, often associated with luxury packaging and traditional packaging. The most famous example of this is the iPhone case.

Other boxes are telescopic sides, classic shoe boxes, neck and shoulder, and box and sleeve. The most significant of these changes are the chest and shoulders. Like many such boxes, the name suggests the quality of this box. The part of the box that comes out from the inside is solid, and this is the “neck”. This makes the bottom of the box strong and finished by the garage, often required in the packaging industry. However, sometimes the neck is long enough to create a gap between the hat and the head where the “neck” is visible. This can only be done for beautiful items. The neck itself can be cut off, giving the box more value.

Now that we’re talking about telescopic valves, it’s time to talk about another family of valves that typically use a solid box, the heart valve. As the name suggests, the cover is placed on the box itself. There are hinged end caps, but most panels are for these types.

The cigar box, is a classic type that works as a simple version of the hinged style. It is defined by attaching a tab to one of the box’s long sides. One cigar box variation is the paper-style cigar box. This box is almost like a “cigarette box” but folded in the shape of paper.

Finally, the list of variations and types of rigid boxes is extensive and growing. It is not possible to describe any narrow box in a short article. It can be said that this is just the tip of the iceberg, but having this little knowledge can go a long way in finding the right packaging for your products and business.


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