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Toilet Parts – Toilet Repair Massapequa NY

Toilet Parts – Toilet Repair Massapequa NY

When your Toilet Repair Massapequa NY is broken it’s always a rush to get it fixed. A lot of times you can fix it your self with out the need for an expensive plumber. A toilet has very few parts to wear out or break and most of those parts are not very expensive. So basically it just takes a little time, and some know-how, to set things right.

Toilet Repair Massapequa NY

What we are going to do here is to list some of the more common toilet parts and how to fix the problems that they cause. If the fix for the problem is going to require you to take any parts loose then be sure and turn off the water supply to the toilet first.

The first problem that we will discuss is a running toilet where you can hear the water running either continuously or it will seem to start and stop on its own. This can be very annoying not to mention costly with water bills going up all the time. First take the lid off of the toilet tank and have a look inside. There should be two pipes coming up from the bottom of the tank. One pipe will have a valve on the top with the float attached to it. The other pipe will be open on the top. This is the over flow pipe. See how far up the water level is on the over flow pipe, if it goes all of the way to the top then your float is set too high. Just bend the float arm down so that the water shuts off before the level reaches the top of the pipe.

If the water is running and does not reach the top of the over flow pipe then it is probably a problem with the flapper valve. On the back of the flush handle there as an arm with a small chain on the end which leads to the flapper valve. If this chain is too tight or kinked it may be holding the valve open enough to allow it to leak. If not you may have to replace the flapper valve.

These are only a couple of the problems that may happen with a toilet. Most problems can be diagnosed with a little observation and some common sense, and the changing out of a few toilet parts.


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