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Top 5 Shapewear Pieces for Every Body and Budget


There are many body shapers on the market, and it is normal for us to have doubts about which one to choose, there are so many options that we are indecisive about which one to buy for our body type, and our budget. In this article, I will help you to know 5 types of shapewear for every body type and budget.

You already know Waist Dear, they are the largest manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale shapewear worldwide, with factory prices, that is, much cheaper. In addition, in the store you can find lingerie, sportswear for the gym, and much more. And if you’re curious to know the 5 types of shapewear, check it out now:

1.  Bodysuit

The Bodysuits are highly sought after pieces, as they help to slim the waist, leaving all the fat in place, and even more prominence to the neckline, leaving the breasts on top.

This piece is very pretty and perfect to be worn with dresses, pants, shorts and skirts. Its fabric has nylon, that is, it is very resistant and stronger when modeling your body. Its details, which are two stripes on the front, give it an extra charm, giving the piece more value and sophistication.

2.   shaping pants

The Seamless Everyday Shaping Pants are very comfortable and can be worn with dresses, shorts and skirts. She’s great for tuning the waist, and in addition, it also helps to cram the butt, model the thighs and give more support to the breasts.

This model above, has two handles to give more comfort and its fabric is very soft, being a recycled nylon, which makes it seem like a second skin. Another important point is that its design in the crotch area makes it easier for you to go to the bathroom.

3.   Full Shapewear

These models are ideal for those who want to model more areas on the body, and because it is a more complete piece, its price is a little higher, but it is still very worth it. It can be worn under clothes for a certain event, or it can also be used post-surgery to help keep everything in place and prevent the stitches from opening too soon.

4.   modeling panties

Modeling panties are highly sought after, as they are simpler and cheaper, but they will also work. It is seamless, and its fabric is soft and breathable, very comfortable, you’ll even forget you’re wearing it. It’s great for lifting your butt and accentuating the curves of your waist.

5.   shapewear

At Waist Dear you will also find wholesale waist trainers, which are very popular for use in training at the gym, or as a post-surgery. The one in the photo above is made of neoprene, a fabric that increases body temperature, making it easier to burn calories and localized fat. The price is very affordable, and it is worth buying it to use in your daily life.

If you have questions about body shapers, you can go to the waistdear reviews page, where you will find many comments and details about Waist Dear products. It’s worth your while to check it out.


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