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Top 5 things to note when buying Missed Call Solution in India

Top 5 things to note when buying Missed Call Solution in India

Missed calls are those calls that are disconnected before they are answered, otherwise known as unanswered calls. There is a distinction to be made between a missed call and a missed call service or a missed call solution. Usually powered by the cloud, a missed call solution tracks call, records responses from callers, and sends auto-notifications.

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In the past, this solution has been used for functions such as booking a table at a restaurant or scheduling a doctor’s appointment. Through complementary features like IVR, call records, and auto-attendant, businesses can not only leverage missed call solutions but also gain a holistic view of their campaigns.

  1. How does it work?

An essential feature of cloud telephony is missed call resolution. Toll-free numbers (1800 numbers) or virtual numbers can be used. The call is disconnected as soon as it lands on the missed call number. An IVR system can be extremely useful for businesses in capturing callers’ responses here.

Businesses can gain valuable customer insight by utilizing robust call recording capabilities in the cloud. Missed call numbers can be used to conduct polls, surveys, and other research and tailor business decisions accordingly.

The user-friendly portal that comes with this solution lets marketers check how many callers actually responded to the IVR and how many hung up.

Missed call solutions, for example, can be used to poll customers about upcoming products. Its customers can use their keypads to give a missed call on a particular number and mark themselves as “interested” or “not interested.”

  1. How to create an effective Missed Call campaign for your business?

Missed call campaigns for businesses require the selection of an appropriate number, either a toll-free number (1800) or a regular virtual number. From there, let your imagination run wild!

Market this number creatively using online and offline mediums such as pamphlets, social media, and newspaper ads. You can deploy an auto-notification service to get a follow-up with maybe a link to the website or product description after the marketing campaign.

  1. What are the features of Missed Call Solutions?

A missed call solution is a cost-effective way to generate leads and collect valuable customer data. Each missed call represents a new opportunity.

You can replace tedious tasks with missed call solutions, like organizing quick polls and engaging customer surveys.

  1. Applications of Missed Call Solutions

The three most important aspects of missed call solutions are lead generation, customer engagement, and customer support.

  1. Democratising access

Smartphones and internet connections are not available to everyone. Many clients/prospects still prefer to communicate via phone calls. Feature phone users can access missed calls for free, allowing them to get the information that they need without having to spend a dime.

The following is a list of various applications of missed call solutions.

Missed calls are a hassle-free way to automate mundane tasks such as customer registrations. Through a missed call, one can register all the attendees to a marketing event or seminar. This way, you can also build a stronger audience base.

Verifying the customer: As technology advances, the number of frauds increases. Using missed call solutions, you can verify the authenticity of customers at various stages and avoid hoaxes.

A missed call’s most basic function is to facilitate prompt callbacks. Whenever you miss a call or a lead, you have all the details to call them back later.

Get instant feedback by using an IVR that asks the customers about their experience with the brand. It could be as simple as: “press 1 if you are satisfied with the services, press 2 if you are not” or “rate your experience with the brand on a scale of 1-5.”

The tracked application of the missed call solution is mainly used in the e-commerce sector to track the various stages of the product delivery cycle. Missed call services enable monitoring of everything from a product’s dispatch to its final destination.

Missed calls are used in a wide variety of industries, and it’s fascinating to see their different applications. There are likely to be ways you can implement in your business that you discovered. One of the best parts of missed calls is how simple and affordable the technology is. Companies of any size or type can use it.

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