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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Graph Searches to find your business

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Graph Searches to find your business


The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Graph Searches to find your business


The method by which Facebook Graph(BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK) Search works has drastically changed over the last 18 months.

In essence, Facebook Graph Search allows users to conduct specific semantic searches that yield a wealth of information on their followers. The information you gather can help guide your marketing strategies through Facebook.


Facebook Graph Search might appear unassuming. However, we’ll show you how you can use it to accomplish things you didn’t think were achievable with Facebook before.


Facebook Graph Search


The Facebook Graph Search is accessible to everyone Facebook Page owners and can be used for:



Learn who the followers are.



Find out what their fan’s likes and passions are.



Find employees of a company that had “liked” a business’s Facebook Page



Determine the preferences of rivals’ Fans



Find a potential business partnership



Optimize your contest’s quality Facebook contests



And much more!

Here are a few tips that you can employ to maximize Facebook Graph Search’s benefits.


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1 Page “Liked” by People Who “Like” Page X

One of the best features of the Facebook Graph Search feature is providing results that reveal people who “like” pages that are relevant to you.

Enter “pages liked by people who like [insert name of your page here],” and you’ll be able to see which pages are the most frequently “liked” by fans of your page.


Imagine, for instance, that you own a cheese shop known as Pete’s Cheeses. You could add “pages liked by people who like Pete’s Cheeses” and discover that the most frequently “liked” by your fans is a page titled “Bring Back The Cheese Rolling!


It’s simple, then, and probably effective to announce your support for a resurgence of cheese is rolling.


  1. 2: Posts “Liked” by People Who “Like” Page X

In addition to determining the pages your followers like most and posts, knowing which ones they “liked” recently can also provide a valuable boost to the Facebook campaign you’re running.

Finding out which posts your followers “like” (including status and photos) will give you an accurate idea of the importance of current issues to your audience. You can look up “posts liked by people who like [insert name of your page here].”


If you’re talking about Pete’s Cheeses, this technique could reveal that many of the users on your page who “like” your page have “liked” a post linking to an article entitled “Fun Cheese Facts for National Cheese Day.”

“Darn,” you’d say, “I completely forgot it was National Cheese Day. At least I can quickly make something up so that I don’t be a victim of this great advertising opportunity.”


3. Friends of my friends

The search on “Friends of my friends who like [insert name of your page here]” will reveal an array of people who are connected to your friends who have expressed an interest in something, which could identify them as an ideal partner or potential prospect.

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For Pete’s Cheeses, this might involve discovering that one of your friends with you, Mary, owns a local dairy farm called Mary’s Dairy. Simply by clicking”message” or the “message” button, you could begin a conversation that ultimately results in Mary’s Dairy becoming a new supplier. Great!


  1. Friends from My Friends That Work for Company X

It is possible to search “friends of my friends who work at [insert company name here]” to locate friends of friends working for a particular company. It can be utilized in many ways.

For instance, you might want to contact people who work for an organization you would like to work with but have difficulty getting in touch with due to reasons of any kind.

Larding and start an exchange to try to lure the former cheese maker. This is a bit of a scam, but it’s accomplished!


5 5 “Liked” By Employees of Company X.

If you search “pages liked by employees of [insert name of company here],” you can discover what your competition is interested in their employees. This is an excellent method of determining if there are pages that might interest you that you’ve never seen.


For a continuation of our story, It could be that the process of acquiring Joseph Larding’s phone number wasn’t as easy as you initially thought.

If you look up “pages liked by employees of Barry’s Cheeses,” you could find the fact that Larding “likes” a page known as “London Chocolate Group.”

After taking a look at the page and observing that the man who is there is a committed but dissatisfied chocolatier – given that his employer doesn’t require him to make chocolate and he is a frequent contributor to the group You could tweak your proposal in light of this and allow creating not only chocolate but also cheese.


6 Pages “Liked” by Occupation X

A search on “pages liked by [insert occupation here]” can provide you with a good idea of people’s hobbies who are a part of a specific job. 


The company is Pete’s Cheeses and Chocolates; you’re probably looking for a way to dispose of the chocolate you’ve been producing. There’s already a group of loyal customers who are happy to purchase your delicious cheeses, but you haven’t found the best way to get rid of all that chocolate.


However, by looking up “pages liked by professional chocolate tasters,” you’ll be capable of putting together the names of the chocolate vendors across the nation. Once you’ve found buyers is simple, and everyone is a winner (except for poor Barry, who’s now ordered to close). …).


Of course, there are many other ways to use Facebook Graph Search to help your business. It’s ideal to try the application yourself to find out the possibilities.

 We’d like to know how you’re using this tool. If you’ve got any tips or tips on Facebook Graph Search, please send us a comment.

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