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Ways of Treating Obesity


The word ‘obese’ is used to describe an overweight individual. Obesity means having an excess amount of body fat. It is a common problem worldwide, although it has seen a decrease recently due to awareness campaigns.


Nutritionists and dieticians are always going about the danger of obesity. Obesity increases the chances of developing other illnesses like type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is usually used in diagnosing obesity, although it is not always a useful indication of obesity. The reason is that muscular people can have a high BMI without excess fat.

Before an individual can be classified as obese, he must have a BMI of 30-39.9. A BMI of over 40 indicates that an individual is severely obese. Obesity can result from environment, psychological, diet, or inherited factors.

Causes of Obesity

While obesity is generally caused by consuming more calories than the body can expel, it is worth noting that not all obesity case results from this factor. When you eat high-calorie food faster than you burn off, excess calories are stored as fats.

If not quickly detected, some health conditions can also lead to weight gain, including hypothyroidism, if not quickly detected. When obesity leads to type 2 diabetes, there different methods of treating either conventional or complementary medicine.

Some medical clinics offer diabetes II retreats in Mexico and provide ways to effectively manage and treat type 2 diabetes.

Ways of Treating Obesity

There are many different ways of treating obesity, and some of them are listed below.

Dietary Change

The first step to shedding weight is making a couple of adjustments to your diet. One reason why excess fats accumulate in the body is by consuming high-calorie food.

Substituting processed food, refined sugar, and food high in carbs and fats with fruits and vegetables is a sure way to lose weight. Also, consuming fiber-rich food will aid digestion and weight loss.


Cryoliposis is another method of reducing fat in the body. It is a non-surgical way of reducing fat deposit or bulge that does not respond to exercise or dieting. While this procedure helps significantly remove fats, it is not meant for significantly overweight people. Some clinics offer cryoliposis in Mexico; all you need is to find a good and reputable one.

Physical activities

Physical activities are known to help burn excess calories in the body. Exercise aids weight loss, but it also improves blood circulation in the body.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is one of the effective ways of losing weight, although there are risks involved. It involves removing a person’s stomach or small intestine to prevent them from consuming much food or absorbing many calories.

Bariatric surgery can either make the stomach smaller or bypass part of the digestive system hence making the individual consume less or feel full easily.

Weight loss medication

Although it has huge side effects, certain medications can help you lose weight.



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