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What Are Major Differences Between CBD Edibles & Softgels?

What Are Major Differences Between CBD Edibles & Softgels?

Edibles and capsules provide many users with an easy and stress-free way of enjoying CBD or hemp for medicinal or recreational purposes. When choosing between these two products, individuals who are new to the herb or have little experience are often confused.

Before buying softgels or organic hemp CBD gummies products in Dallas, you need to know how they differ and their similarities. This blog will compare two everyday CBD products; edibles and capsules. Let us get started.

What are CBD edibles?

In simple words, edibles are food products that contain CBD. They could be gummies, cakes, beverages, etc. Gummies are the most common types of edibles, and they come in many flavors. You may have to wait nearly an hour to feel the CBD kick in. When they do kick in, they can last for up to 8 hours.

What are softgels?

Softgels or capsules look like regular softgels; the only difference is that they contain CBD or other cannabinoids. Softgels encapsulate the CBD oil in gelatin. The gelatin coat protects the CBD until it reaches your digestive system, where enzymes break it down.

When the coat dissolves, your body absorbs CBD oil. This process takes longer than edibles and can take anywhere from one to three hours. They also last as long as edibles, with users reporting feeling the effects for up to 8 hours after using their CBD softgels.

How do they compare?

Edibles and capsules are similar in how they are administered and the pathways they take in the body. You would have to ingest them and digest them before they take effect. However, you should know that when you chew edibles like your zen bear CBD gummies, some of the CBD will be absorbed by the blood vessels in your mouth.

They also come in manageable doses, so you know how much CBD you are consuming at a time. For instance, if you buy ZEN CBD Gummies with 250mg Dallas in a pack of 10, you know that each gummy you eat contains 25mg of cannabidiol. This makes it somewhat easy to vary how much you can consume. Take two gummies if you aim for 50mg CBD per day. It is a similar rule for softgels.

They are both small and discrete. You can carry gummies or softgel around, and no one notices unless the packaging has conspicuous branding.

What are their differences?

Although these two products are similar in dosage and modality, there are differences.


If you consider yourself a sweet tooth and want CBD in various options, softgels are out of the equation. In terms of flavor and taste, gummies give you the most votes. Nevertheless, the taste is not a deal-breaker for people looking for just performance and nothing else.


Gummies and softgels differ in the time it takes to kick in. In most cases, gummies take less time to feel it in your system- this could be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, while softgels could take up o 2 hours in some individuals.


Edibles are very versatile, unlike softgels. You can easily incorporate edibles into your meals, workout, or make your home.

Which one is better?

It is not a thing which is better. It depends on what you want and how suitable each product is for you. For instance, if you are on a diet and you are concerned about extra calories to your diet, you can buy CBD oil softgels in Dallas instead of getting gummies.

Final thoughts.

Edibles and softgels are some of the most convenient and fun ways to consume CBD. They both have areas where they shine and where they do not. If you want consistency and a stable dose every time, then softgels may be the best option for you. If you are looking for fun and creative ways to enjoy CBD, you should go for edibles. You can get them in gummies, drinks, and cakes; you can even make yours at home if you are adventurous. It all depends on your needs and preferences.


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