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What are two characteristics of RAM on a Cisco device?

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What are two characteristics of RAM on a Cisco device? (Choose two.)

  • Nonvolatile storage is provided via RAM.
  • RAM stores the configuration that is currently active on the device.
  • During a power cycle, the contents in RAM are lost.
  • Cisco switches contain RAM, whereas Cisco routers do not.
  • Multiple versions of IOS and configuration files can be stored in RAM.

The correct answer is these two:

  • The configuration that is actively running on the device is stored in RAM.
  • The contents of RAM are lost during a power cycle.


Explanation: Random-access memory (RAM) is a sort of memory that stores data needed by a device to execute network operations. The current configuration is stored in RAM. Because data is lost after a power cycle, this form of memory is referred to as volatile. A copy of the IOS is copied from flash memory to RAM when the device is turned on. Because data is kept even when the power is switched off, flash memory is nonvolatile.

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