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What is a Nadra Card?

What is a Nadra Card?

Nadra Identity Card is proof of your identity as a national of Pakistan. For overseas Pakistanis, the Nadra Card UK is called NICOP – National Identity Card For Overseas Pakistanis.

Nadra Card UK is a very important document that one must carry at all times. So it is important to keep it up to date.

Like everything in this world, your Nicop, too, has an expiry date! A Nico is only valid for ten years. After the Expiration date of your NICOP is passed, your NICOP becomes invalid. So in case your Nadra Card has expired or will be expired in the next six months, you are at the right place!

Renew Nadra Card Online UK at Nadra Card Centre UK

Nico Renewal services are available online through Nadra Card Centre UK. You can now take advantage of our premium NICOP Renewal service, which allows you to apply for your Nadra NICOP application from the comfort of your own home. We understand how depressing it is to learn that your NADRA Card has expired and that you will be unable to travel to Pakistan without it. don’t fret; we can handle your applications swiftly and efficiently. However, if you discover your Nicop card has expired at the last minute, you need to visit Pakistan urgently, and you don’t have enough time to apply for a new or renewed one, keep cool. We can renew your Nicop on a short-term basis.

How Can I Renew Nadra Card Online UK?

The method is fairly straightforward. You must first submit soft copies of all required papers. Then a Nadra Card Centre agent handles all of the paperwork for your Nicop application, ensuring that there are no errors or risks of rejection. The application is forwarded for processing once the customer has authorized it. After going through all of the steps, the card is submitted to be printed and then delivered to your mailing address! Click here to begin your NICOP application: Apply Nadra Card Online

Documentation Requirement Children’s Nicop Renewal:

  1. Parents or siblings Nadra card copy
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Passport copy
  4. Passport size picture

Documentation requirement Adults Nicop Renewal:

  1. A copy of your Pakistani or foreign passport that is valid (front page)
  2. A recent passport-size photograph
  3. Only married individuals are eligible to apply for a marriage certificate.
  4. a duplicate Nadra parents’ card
  5. Permit to stay in the country
  6. Front and back copies of an existing Nadra card

What is the Nadra Card Renewal Fee UK?

The Nico Renewal Fee UK has different fees that depend on the type of service the customer chooses.

Nadra Card Centre UK Offers Three Different Categories:
  • Fast: £199 each, in 7-10 Working Days service. This is from the day we submit your application.
  • Urgent: £180 each, in 3-4 Working Weeks Service from the day we submit the application.
  • Slow: £150 each, in 6 Working Weeks Service from the day we submit the application.
Apply Nadra Card
Apply Nadra Card


Obtaining your Nadra Card via the internet is rather simple. All you have to do is provide us with the necessary information and documents and as well take care of the rest!

  1. Fill out the online form on our website.
  2. Submit the relevant documentation to us.
  3. Check your form for errors and provide fingerprints.
  4. Return the completed form to us (scan copy in 600dpi-2MB file).

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