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What tricks are used to sell an Instagram product?

What tricks are used to sell an Instagram product?

In this article and on the cheap Instagram followers shopping blog, we intend to address the important topic of the Instagram product. It was almost three years ago that I decided to expand my store from the real world to the virtual world. At that time, the best option was to create a store site; But I was able to get help from my Instagram page to increase online sales of products and achieve significant sales in a very short period of time. In this article, I would like to share my experiences with you.

These days, among Iranian cyberspace users, Instagram has gained the most popularity. In the past, Instagram was just a platform for sharing and commenting on two images; But in recent years, using the updates it has provided, it has also been able to become a great platform for monetization. In recent years, many real-world businesses have come to Instagram to launch an online stores.

Making money and managing an Instagram page for online sales on Instagram is not so simple; To earn money and sell the product on Instagram, you have to do various tricks; In fact, to sell an Instagram product, you must have a professional activity. When you sell a product on Instagram, you are actually marketing on this social network. Follow us in the continuation of this comprehensive article.

Reasons to build a store on Instagram

At the beginning of this article, you knew how much Instagram has improved over the past few years; You also knew that you can sell your Instagram product on this social network; Now, what are the reasons for launching a store on Instagram? What is the reason for multiplying our efforts and referring to virtual sales in addition to the real-world store?

Instagram is currently the second most popular social network in the world; The social network also currently has 1 billion monthly active users. All of this has made it possible to have an audience on Instagram in any field. Naturally, where there is an audience, there is a customer for you. When you plan to build a store in a part of your city, you go to an area where there is an audience; This is exactly the case with Instagram.

On the other hand, Instagram among the social networks these days gives you the best capabilities to sell your Instagram product. For example, on Instagram, you can track your sales over different time periods; You can also put a purchase tag on your products and the audience can use it to buy the product.

Setting up a virtual store on Instagram is not just for those who have a store in the real world; Instead, you can start selling your products on Instagram right away. Stay with us.

Launching a sales page on Instagram

In the previous section, you knew the reasons for selling an Instagram product; You also know that there can be a lot of business audiences on Instagram; But as you know, you can have three types of pages on Instagram. You can have a normal, commercial, and creative Instagram page; Now, what kind of page do you think you should have to have a virtual store on Instagram?

As we said in the previous section, Instagram has created and made available a series of tools and features separately for store pages; These features are not on normal pages by default. In order to be able to use the special features for selling the product on Instagram, you have to turn your page into a business. Changing the status of an Instagram account from normal to business is not a difficult task at all; Just follow the steps below.

  1. First, you need to enter the page where you want to sell the product and go to the settings section.
  2. Now in the next step and from the available options, click on the account option.
  3. Then click on the Switch to Professional Account option.
  4. In the last step, just click on the Business option.
  5. You can easily convert your account from normal to commercial, and you can use the special features to sell your Instagram product.

More product sales tricks on Instagram

By this time, you fully know that you can sell the product on Instagram; You also knew in the previous section that you can trade your account by doing a series of steps; Now, as we said, Instagram has created many tools for you to use as a business manager. Using a series of tools or some kind of trick, you can sell your products on Instagram as fast as you can.

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Instagram profile optimization

The first and most important thing you can do to sell your Instagram product is to optimize your Instagram profile. The importance of optimizing your Instagram profile needs no definition. The first thing you need to pay attention to when optimizing your profile is to insert a good image. If you own a brand, try to put the main image of your brand in the profile to increase the credibility of your business.

The second thing you should pay attention to in your profile is the username. Try to choose a name for your product sales page that can easily be remembered by your customers. You can use your business name or somehow your brand name. The next thing you must use in your profile is to insert the appropriate bio.

Your Bio Instagram should be a summary of your past business activities and a kind of report on your brand reputation; This can give customers more information about your business before they buy the product. Also, be sure to use the link to your store site in your profile. Before buying an Instagram product, a customer may want to see your product more widely; By inserting the website link by you, it can refer to the product sales site.

The price tag on Instagram

The second and most important point that should be considered in Instagram product sales posts is the use of purchase tags. To use the purchase tag, you need to connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook business account; Now you can put your products on your Facebook business page and upload them to your Instagram business page when you post. Now you can use the purchase tag feature when you want to publish your product in the form of a post.

The caption of the purchase tag allows the user to be informed about the price of the product of that post and to be directed to the purchase page of that product by clicking on the tag. If you are planning to sell a product through your posts, using the price tag on Instagram can be a very effective trick.

Use the output link in the story

As you know, on Instagram, you could only insert a link in your bio; But over time, with the advent of storytelling, you can add links to your stories. You must have seen that some commercial pages have links in their stories and the see more option is located at the bottom of the page.

You can introduce a product in the story and put a link to visit and buy it. Of course, note that to use this feature, your page must be in virtual mode and have at least 10,000 followers.

Proper production of Instagram content

The last trick that you must use to sell your Instagram product is to produce suitable Instagram content. Content production is not just about posting; Instead, you should be able to produce the best content using the right tools. As you know, Instagram is based on video content; You need to be able to introduce your products to your audience using the best visual content, such as photos and videos.

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The final word about selling the product using Instagram

If you want to grow your business and sell more, Instagram is the best option among other social networks. In this article, we examined the sales of Instagram products you can also increase your Instagram sales by buying Instagram followers but always move to trusted sites to buy social media services. We hope this article has helped you enough.


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