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What you need to know about home inspection

What you need to know about home inspection

There are many points to consider when buying a house. With the help of a licensed and reputable home inspection, you can find out the exact condition of the property you are considering and be assured of safety and comfort when you move in. If you’re not familiar with the home inspection process, home experts will explain some things to you.

Building inspections carry out the work in accordance with the regulations in force.

Inspections must comply with Australian Standard 4349.1 – 1995 when inspecting a home. Therefore, you can expect the inspection to apply strict inspection criteria that allow for a comprehensive evaluation of the property. When you get a building inspection, your inspection may not check for pests. Keep in mind that controlling site-specific termites, borers, and other pests requires a very different process. If you are concerned about termites or insects, call services that conduct pest inspections. Experienced contractors may also offer construction and pest control inspections.

Construction and pest control companies should work independently.

The inspection you hire should not be affiliated with related companies such as real estate agents or pest control companies. This independence allows your investigator to deliver results without the influence of any party. Construction and pest control inspections use state-of-the-art equipment. From thermal imagers to moisture meters, technology has given inspections the tools they need to deliver accurate results. This will help you make a more informed decision.

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Examination rooms and areas are detailed in your contract.

Note that although inspections are extensive, your building and pest inspection will be limited to restricted areas. Be sure to take note of the inaccessible areas of your home and find a way to make them accessible. Your building and pest control inspection will explain the results of the inspection to you so you can better understand the condition of the property.

Most licensed and reputable investigators can also recommend actions that should be taken to address or resolve issues discovered during the investigation. The building costs you pay now will be reimbursed in the future. It is an investment that gives you peace of mind and accurate information about the value of the property.


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